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Hello. I haven't posted for a long while here. Good to be back.

I would like to share my experience in the past six months and it continues, as of this writing. 

The house that I am currently residing in now belongs to my ex-husband. I had moved out 5 years ago and returned only because it was the only option available to me after being asked to vacate the place I was renting due to refusal to sign an annual lease. Prior to this, the house was built on a fruit orchard and during the 28 years that I had lived here, I had no awareness or reason to believe that there was anything paranormal here. I rent a space in the basement, and this is where I sleep. The majority of my belongings are packed away, but in addition to the bed, my items are in the middle of the basement, which is finished and furnished. I am surrounded by objects - furniture, tables, hunting equipment, old mattresses/bed frames, fishing gear, and generally speaking, clutter in large amounts. In an effort to separate myself from this clutter, I covered it up with blankets. 

About a month after I moved in, I began hearing very loud noises at night when I was in bed. There are several different ones--cracking wood, stone hits window, heavy object dropped, object banging against a door, paper crinkling, and a clock chiming. Also seeing lights flash on/off. When I was downstairs during the day, I would have chills and then hear the noises, typically 3-5 times and was usually the same noise, that gradually become louder. 

After about 3 months of this, I asked for some guidance from my Reiki practitioner, and she suggested that the clutter has attracted low-level "ghosts/entities". 

At present, I have told them what the boundaries are and that I will not allow the loud noises at night. There is usually a period of quiet (one week) and then it begins again. Initially I had fear with it, but now, it's mostly generating anxiety for me, as it's very unpredictable, and the loud noise startles me and is generally unsettling.

In the past month, I hear noises when upstairs also. They are not as loud and there are 3 rooms upstairs that are filled with clutter also. 

I have never experienced this before. Any suggestions are welcomed! Thank you.


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