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ITC Station tab for EVP

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I haven't noticed any posts regarding the ITC Station tab up above, and specifically the Audio choice on the sub-menu.  I made a recording and upon review, found that the results and the feel of them were so strangely different than everything else I've recorded through other avenues.  Not necessarily better, although I didn't  need any amplification and there were no layers of communication to confuse you.  Just... peculiar.  It's difficult to explain, and your mileage may vary but you may want to try it yourself.  I changed the settings from the default to 120, 150, 100, 1 (left that one alone). If you want it to be in reverse, you need to engage that before selecting a language.  Next press Play.  I couldn't get the record function to work using Chrome so I pulled up Audacity to make the recording.

I created an English Male phonem sound file (similar to gibberish) in reverse with the app I mentioned above.  I saved it and then played it as a sound source for added background noise in a Sound Chopper session. (This app made by Andres Ramos is my favorite because of it's versatility and results.)  I've had good results with the SC using just my voice in a questions/answer format, but I wondered what would happen if I added a little something extra. 😉 

I started the session by voicing a welcome, invitation list and stated my intention.  After that, I announced that I was going to add some Male Gibberish sounds to see if that could assist them in forming words.  I wasn't aware at the time, but I had forgotten to remove my earbuds which I had put on to select the settings on the app before I began.  So I was the only one hearing the gibberish and it wasn't being recorded.  Directly after I made that statement, a spirit made the comment I've attached below.  The Sound Chopper can make (if you elect it) a Source recording as well as the recording which receives a PK treatment.  This clip is from the PK track, and created from an opportunity presented because of the PK treatment. The spirit isn't switching up my voice or the using the gibberish (because it wasn't audible and playing).  I wasn't aware of my gibberish mishap until I reviewed the session. It's pretty good quality & the spirit uses emotion to express his dissatisfaction with my error.  He isn't answering a question or making a general statement, and it's not related to a memory of mine.  His comment was in direct response to what was occurring at that moment.  For me, it's thought provoking.  





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Congrats on finding something intriguing! Like every other experimenter, you have to find a process that you resonate with...and maybe you've found it!  Keep experimenting, trying different methods, and soon enough you will earn the attention of spirit helpers.  It will then become obvious and your tinkering with equipment won't mean much anymore.  Because ultimately they (our spirit friends/communicators) are the ones who control the profound communications.  Best of luck!  Don't stop.

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Thank you for the encouragement DanSmith.  

I have another intriguing event to report! (At least I think so.)  It is in reference to the English Male phoneme sound file I made using the ITC Station tab/Audio at the top of this website.  As I mentioned in my previous post above, I had recorded this file to use as additional background noise in a Sound Chopper session.  Well, as I reported above, I made a mistake and subsequently, that sound file wasn't used until I recorded a SC session the next day. 

In the mean time, I decided to listen to the original phoneme file.  I wanted to share one clip from that file in particular.  You can find it attached below.  "You're gonna talk with the dead".  Well, I was planning to do that using this recording as background sound in another session.  Was this predictive on their part? Is it written (as I often hear the spirit personalities say)?  I believe this is additional evidence that supports my theory that they can read our thoughts.  That sounds creepy, let's say, our intention. Thoughts that we pad with energy.  I was going to say "Thoughts?", but.... 😉





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