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Jon Almada

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My name is Jon Almada. I am a EVP researcher out of Northern California. I live in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas and live on an old haunted gold mining property. I have seen and heard spirits for my entire life and view it as something of an everyday phenomena, but still find myself surprised at the things that happen. My next door neighbor just passed while on a trip to Alaska and I was surprised that he came to visit me on the night he died on the cruise ship. He stood at my door to say goodbye and I wasn't sure WHO had come to visit, it was just that his energy was so blasted powerful. All I saw was a white misty shape. I commented to my girlfriend online about it and then was shocked when his wife arrived home the following week and I received the news. It was yet another case where I spoke up and documented the sighting and it later proved to be evidence of survival. My friend is now in the Other World and while missed, he seemed happy and full of energy in the two times he has appeared here.
I am something of an EVP magnet and enjoy recording them. My website at soulstreamradio.com has quite a few of my captures on it. I once counted and I have something like 4,000 EVP captures in my 15 years or so of doing this work. Anyway, there is ALWAYS something to learn and I was glad to find Varanormal and hope to interact with other like minds and keep on the process of learning! So, I'm sticking my hand out with a silly grin and saying "Hello!" to all of you!


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