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Hey All,

My name is Michael, and I've been involved in one form of ITC research or another for the past 4 years.  I was originally intrigued by the video documentary and book published in 1999, "The Scole Experiment: Scientific Evidence For Life After Death" by a well-known group of ITC researchers.  Also, by other researchers like George Meek, Marcello Bacci; and more recently others like Steve Huff (Huff Paranormal) & Josh Louis (H.O.P.E. Paranormal).  

Currently, I enjoy conducting ITC research through audio manipulation, into the relationship between human energetic and spiritual forces.  Though I have already found a great deal of valuable insights on this forum already!  And, am also very open to collaborative projects that need an extra "outside the box" perspective.  

I am very grateful for the centralization of ITC research projects and materials found here, and would like to send my thanks to the developers for putting together such a well-organized platform!  And, I look forward to making future contributions, and learning from everyone's experiences here!

Nice to meet you everybody!

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