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Experiment - Solar Flare This Weekend, 8-31, 9-1, 2021

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I am proposing an informal experiment. (Article reference and end of this post). I will also post this informal experiment under Experiments in this forum. If this were a formal experiment, it would be carefully designed and posted under Projects in this forum.

There is strong solar flare headed to earth. It will peak on Sunday and Monday, 8-31 and 9-1, 2021. This is also known as a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) or in this case, “fast-mode magnetohydrodynamical wave,” or “MHD wave” for short. There is speculation (and possibly some evidence if we look for it) that changes in space weather can affect ITC reception. The experiment is simply for participants to engage in ITC sessions before, during and after those dates, whenever you can. All three would be best for comparison purposes. 

Report your results. Did you have better results during the CME. Worse results? Were there any qualitative or quantitative differences? It is important to share your location as well. In the northern hemisphere, for example, there may be an Aurora, also known as the “Northern Lights”, visible at high latitudes from northern Michigan and Maine to points north. 

Feel free to share sample audio or video files. If the results are striking, it might be a clue that this type of space weather is significant, and we can speculate as to the reasons, which will help us develop better ITC technology. Next time there is a flare, we could design a more formal experiment. 


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