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My Experiences with Cayce

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I was 17 years old in 1970 when I discovered the writings of Edgar Cayce. It changed my life. I began meditating as per instructions in the readings, and had inner awakenings. I joined local Search For God study groups (Cayce's spiritual development groups) in Pittsburgh. In 1972 I spent a long spring and summer in Virginia Beach, working at the Marshall's hotel as a waiter, spent time at ARE headquarters and library, and got to know the Cayce family. I joined Study Group #1 with Gladys Davis Turner, who was Cayce's secretary (put him in trance and took full  transcript notes on his readings). Cayce's readings cover the gamut, including astrology which I took up at the Beach, and psychic reading which I learned at schools in California. I spread out from there and developed many related interests over the years, but I give Cayce credit for opening the door for me at a young age. 

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