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Global Gathering: Guest Kevin Lee Precipitation Mediumship - Aspects of Art as Spirit Communication

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Sunday November 14th 2021 / Monday November 15th Australia
Global Gathering: Guest Kevin Lee Precipitation Mediumship - Aspects of Art as Spirit Communication
874317923_kevinLee.jpg.139f9955b1989d96310f92071d2766dc.jpgIn this visually stunning & media rich presentation, you will learn about the incredibly rare and near-forgotten Gift of Spirit known as Precipitation Mediumship, also called (in the United States) Spirit Card Writing. In Spiritism (Alan Kardec), this phenomenon was often termed Psychography (Psicografía). With this "Spirit Art" potential, Spirit produces through physical mediumship evidential images and writings without human hands or instruments. We will cover how this ability, once developed, can be used to heal and transform others’ lives - as his latest bestselling book (Your Divine Purpose) mentioned Kevin's own powerful transformation due to his encounter with Precipitation Mediumship in 2007.

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