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Trauma and its effects are everywhere. Childhood trauma correlates with health risks; social, behavioral, and emotional problems; and poor life expectancy. People around the world face many other types of violence, often intergenerational. And we are all living through a unique time when the world is gripped by a pandemic causing increased loss and isolation.

Yet in Holotropic Breathwork® and elsewhere, we hear stories of incredible strength, endurance, hope, and even transformation. How does this happen and what does it mean for those holding space for healing and renewal through Holotropic Breathwork® and other modalities? How do we best support people who have been impacted by traumatic experiences and events? The principles of the Holotropic paradigm often parallel those of trauma-informed practice, providing a unique and important framework for people to heal while reclaiming their voice and choice.

Through this Virtual Module we will deepen our own personal awareness and examine assumptions so we can be truly present for the process of healing and transformation.


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