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Early video of my phonetic typewriter (January 2019)

Michael Lee


Before I make a video showing the phonetic typewriter with my new Python noise gate, here's a video of my original phonetic typewriter using the Maximus noise gate in FL Studio from January 2019. Originally, the stream of audio was alternating between 150 ms speech and 150 ms silence. The gate opened for 100 ms when it detected a high sample. The audio stream I used was always the same recording, starting from the beginning.



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5:41-42   "for his manhood"   "he fights" ?    6:08    "for peace"  or "peaceful"  8:55 "infinite thought"   8:43= "we thought to follow him " (St Peter?)

8:50-53"who fight...He fought for his"

10:37-49-  "infraspace, or interspace" "phantom"   "except it" , or "accept it"   and "ancient"   

So.. Im wondering... the communication exists  within a  sound dimension that exists on a different level  (frequency).Yes. Now, for example..we  hear of "phantom pain" experienced by some who have lost a limb  for a limb that no longer exists. The pain frequency pattern is still there. Could it mean that we now  operate on a frequency...and after we pass into the dimension of spirit, and our "footprint" can be found in infraspace or interspace?

Do we as humans have vibratory frequency patterns? Food for thought.

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Andres - not that exact file, that one used 150 ms audio / 150 ms silence. The one I shared has no silences, because the new gate (noise gater) can tolerate it.

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Do i understand  right that the source file is scrambled and chopped voice what means you have lots of phonemes  or part of phonemes in randomized  order where every phoneme  is in the file multiple times? But it's not a file with all phonemes of the english language  in consecutive order?

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Yes. Its simply a regular speech file thats been rearranged randomly in 150 ms intervals. I first removed most of the silences in the speech.

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Back in the old days, each spirit had their own style. Some waited patiently for a good phoneme, others just talked through them. They are currently trying to automate the process.

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