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  1. Thank you for the welcome, Karyn and Jeff!
  2. Now reading for the second time:  Alec Harris - The full story of his remarkable physical mediumship by Louie Harris.

    I positively give this book 5 stars!

  3. My name is Leo. It is good to be here. I was a frequent visitor of iDigitalMedium. I was pleasantly surprised to get an email announcing that old iDigitalMedium is now Varanormal. Yes! A new life for one of the few sites on the 'net that interest me enough to visit repeatedly. I don't like the term "paranormal" but that field has interested me since I was a youngster. I began reading the Seth/Jane Roberts books in about 1980. So, I have tried to understand the nature of reality for a few minutes :) . In 2018, I happened to see ITC demonstrated in some YouTube videos. I bought an app to see if I could hear an EVP. To my surprise, I heard a voice. And the rest is mystery: the mystery of electronic/environmental voice phenomena. I look forward to sharing the journey of discovery with all of you! Leo
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