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EVP / Reptilians

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"There’s another agency here” -Peggy Kane
Peggy's views sounded far-fetched until I personally heard corroborations from entities on this video -
(requires exceptional hearing)
5:25 "Bomb terror"
5:32 "We are dropping on you"
5:36 "We love meat"
5:45 "We have none"
5:46 "We're counting on"
6:01 "At times we have not enough"
6:04 "To get new power.. arrange for"
Sounds like Reptilians orchestrating (arrange for) bomb drops in order to replenish human body stores with casualties for meat Scary stuff.
Reduced terrorist bombings in recent yrs; may suggest reptilians have taken a new course (Covid) to stock their larders with human casualties ?
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