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Greetings all


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Thanks for having me.  I've been involved in voice phenomena research since 2020.  I've captured full disembodied voices intelligently answering me, as well as many EVP's.  After reading books by Anabela Cardoso and Constatin Raudive, I have been intrigued with spirit group communications.

I am an audio engineer and have used various software programs to aid in hearing some of the more difficult EVP's.  (Sound Forge Pro, SpectraLayers 8, ProTools HD etc).   With that said, I find a trained ear is more valuable than software. 

I am hoping to learn from those who have come before me and offer whatever knowledge I can to the community.  I would also like to find collaborative efforts with like-minded people.

Thank you


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Hi Mike,

Welcome!  If you haven't already, you should look around the forums and blog posts.  I know I speak for myself and others when I say that input from an audio engineer like yourself would be invaluable with regard to some projects that are ongoing.

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