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Universal spirit communication to aid sobering, civilising humanity


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Been promoting broad uptake of electronic spirit communication for couple of decades, unfortunately not making much progress, media especially are a big encumbrance, for how many tech shows find some reason to decline raising / discussing Evp, they throw up some lame or ridiculous excuses indeed.

Universal spirit communication will aid ushering a soberer, more civil & humane world.. people will come to realise there are indeed 'eyes and ears everywhere’ .. nothing succeeds like psychological restraint! 

I've lately found 'Perlin Noise' livestream is the best conduit for spirits to use to communicate. I re-record the livestream (short portions at a time) onto digital voice recorder (can also use audio editing software) & slow down play speed, I always hear responses with good clarity, decidedly better than I've been receiving with use of voice recorder alone.

Intend to start a website with service of providing deciphering of Evps anyone wants to submit.                                                 Am quite adept at hearing / deciphering spirit voices from decades of this caper. 

Will cross-reference Perlin Noise use as a conduit.
Prophetess Baba Vanga -
“A time will come when people will dramatically change - I won’t be alive, but I know it will happen..we all have better, more peaceful and happier times ahead of us”..
”People will realise the existence of the spiritual world” 


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