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Interesting Results Obtained Whilst Attempting Visual ITC.


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As the title suggests, I believe I have captured some interesting results whilst attempting visual ITC (which, as far as I am aware, Klaus Schreiber was the first to do so. Please correct me if I am wrong however).

Now, I am no expert, in fact, this is possibly only the third time I have attempted this method. (Although, I have been conducting all manner of experiments for many months now, again though, I am no expert). The camcorder I am using is a slightly older (but not that old) Panasonic one, which uses mini dv tapes. This is connected (via AV) to an older model Samsung TV.

My first attempts at this where interesting, I even managed to capture the numbers three and six. On this attempt however, I adjusted the effects settings on the camcorder (I cannot remember which ones off the top of my head) but will post them here if anyone is interested.

The effects this time around seem to have worked rather well, I will also add I did have a red bulb in the ceiling light. (Whether or not that helped I am not certain). I recorded on my camcorder for as long as the tape lasted (about just over an hour and a half), at the same time (for only a short while, I recorded the tv screen using my iPad. The images you will see are screen captures from the video from my iPad. I have reviewed this short footage from back to front and then from front to back frame by frame. Throughout the video (both the short one on my iPad and the footage captured by my camcorder) you can clearly see eyes, not just one or two here and there but a rather good many. Which I find fascinating, before I started recording I kindly asked out loud (to anyone who may have been listening, if they wouldn’t mind trying the experiment with me and if so could they try to show themselves to me on the tv screen. I also told them that they were welcome to show me anything else (if they could), be it numbers or letters, or anything else in between. They had no obligation to attempt this with me which I made clear, I simply told them I would be very grateful if they wanted to try. I will state that I always say this to them when I (and they) are attempting EVP sessions and sessions when I use my radios. After all, I cannot make them come through.

Throughout this video recording I was speaking to them out loud, just being grateful and appreciative (as I always am), with this method though, it’s as (possibly) as new to them as it is to me. We are all learning together, I will be attempting this method again as soon as is possible and will be letting those whom may communicate with me know before hand. (I feel that to let them know in advance is the best way to go, that’s just my opinion however). Although, to me it makes sense, because if you or I or anyone else where to turn up somewhere without letting the person or people you wanted to see know in advance, they wouldn’t be there when you got there because they didn’t know. So to me, it’s the same when attempting communication, letting them know ahead of time gives them a heads up, that way they know to try and be there. 

Below will be several screen shots, I have only drawn outlines and arrows on the screen captures, with some text added also. No other editing nor modifying has been done. 





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