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The Scole Experiment.


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Hello to all. I’m just wondering if anyone else has watched the Scole Experiment on YouTube? There are four videos available it seems and I’m currently watching video two. I’m assuming someone here must have seen them and or heard of the experiment itself?

If nobody has either heard of it nor seen it I highly suggest people watch them and read up on information about it. I am going to be reading about it myself and I’m also certain there are several books about the subject too.

In one of the videos they attempt an experiment called the “Alice” Mirror Setup. I shall attach a photo here.

I myself have just attempted the same experiment, if I’m honest I didn’t think I would capture anything but to my utter surprise I did indeed record several small white lights. I am very much blown away, admittedly my first attempt at this pales in comparison to what those in the Scole Experiment achieved, however I’m still very grateful for what I and they managed to accomplish. I will be trying this experiment again at a later date with them, this time raising the mirrors and my iPad higher up off the ground.

I am also going to leave a link to the Scole Experiment video here, what these people and those on the other side accomplished is truly amazing.



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There are Youtube interviews with some of scientists present at Scole sessions, including Rupert Sheldrake, Ivor Grattin-Guinness, and (possibly?) Russell Targ, who attended one of the Hollywood sessions.  Robin Foy's must-have journal of the details of every sitting, including witnesses, is published as: Witnessing the Impossible: The Only Complete and Accurate Eyewitness Account of the amazing Physical Psychic Phenomena experienced at Scole, Norfolk, UK and Overseas during the Scole Experiment: 1992-1998 

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Thank you very much for the info, I don’t suppose you could tell me as to which channel these videos are on? I’ve seen a few but they are only very short unfortunately.

Thank you for the book recommendation too, very much appreciated. I am hoping to be able to purchase a video camera soon as I’m not sure that my iPad is sufficient enough, as I have since found that the small white lights that I had captured aren’t what I initially thought they were. Not to worry though, it’s all trial and error after all. I shall persist in my endeavours.

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