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A Quick Hello And Information On A Strange Recording.


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Hello, I’m not sure if many here believe in intelligent life on other planets. However I have always believed they are really out there. I would like to share a link (please delete this if it’s not allowed). I have tried to reach out to many others in regards to this video, I’m pretty certain most would think me crazy or that I have somehow faked the video (which is entirely understandable), however, I have no reason to lie as it would just make me look silly. I have not tampered nor faked this short clip I shall post in any way shape or form. I truly do believe that what you will hear (although brief) could potentially be the first time someone has unknowingly captured such a thing. I was simply attempting a session which lasted for over 9 minutes, upon reviewing the same video it in actual fact runs for nearly an hour. I have no explanation as to how this happened (my thoughts though is that time was somehow slowed down) now I know that sounds strange, however I truly believe it happened. The odd thing is though is that I was only conducting my session for half an hour, yet the video runs for nearly an hour. I have tried to share it, upload it and send a copy to my friend. It will not let me do either one, when I have attempted to upload it to my channel it simply uploads the just over 9 minutes one and not the almost hour one. Again, I do not know how this is possible, how can there be two videos in one video? I appreciate this sounds a little far fetched and crazy but it’s entirely true. Also in the video there are really strange noises and what appears to be the sound of someone or something else breathing. There are no words nor speech, just breathing (whether by one or two I’m not sure). I would appreciate it if people would take a look and thank you for reading this post. 


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