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The rupture of the channel.

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I do not have much experience about the recording of psychophonies, but I have observed that, when an experimenter shows an intense sincere desire to contact "the next world", with the sole intention of confirming his own intuition that this world may be real, contact will be achieved, although, depending on the material means available, the interpretation of the messages will be more or less difficult. 

It is something beautiful and unspeakable to recognize the voice, the way of expressing oneself and the feeling manifested by an entity that you knew well in this life and that is no longer among us. And it is even more beautiful to be able to open a communication channel with that person through a radio frequency and with the only help of a smartphone that acts as a recording instrument of those "voices".

However, when that initial attitude is perverted and the ego comes into play, communication can break down. It is very easy to fall into the trap that one's self has suddenly become someone special, capable of maintaining a direct thread with the "beyond". And the others don't. Then, you begin to inform everyone of that quality that you have just discovered in you, starting with the closest circles, trying to get others to confirm what you already know, without realizing that these messages can have a deeply selective character and that only you are enabled to listen and interpret them.

A huge feeling of guilt and intense loneliness will overwhelm you when you realize that others are not listening to what you say you hear. When you see that you are alone with your recordings and your interlocutor or interlocutors in "the next world" have been betrayed by your craving for notoriety. When what was an attempt at private conversation has become something public, an area in which others were not invited or concerned. That's when the channel breaks and in the next recording attempts you hear only "No", "No", "No".

The temptation to give up at that moment is very great and the feeling of shame too. You think that no one will listen to you in the other dimension anymore and it is very likely that this will be the case in the future. Fortunately, there is forgiveness. If there love is unconditional, show an apology at your next contact. Solemnly promise that you will not use such a conversation to exalt yourself, and if that is really so, the channel will reopen.

Therefore, I suggest to all those who, not for fun, but out of an authentic desire to seek the truth, try to contact friends or loved ones, to ask for express and prior permission when making their findings known to others. Only in this way, with that authorization, will they be able to advance in the reliable verification that "the entities" are there to communicate with us and try to help us.


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