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Greetings All

Bill W

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My name is Bill. I found this site quite by accident but I'm sure glad I did. I have been a student of the paranormal for about 12 years. At first, I dabbled with EVPs and watched the ghost hunting shows. While interested, I was not a believer. I purchased a recorder and a scanning radio and just started talking. When I started getting responses to questions and other voices, I became a believer. To date, I have about 37 Gb of EVPs. Out of that, about 3.5 Gb are in a file I call "Noteables" because they are mostly 'clear' responses. 

I look forward to presenting some of these recordings to the group, at large, for your opinions and comments. And with the group, I hope to further enhance my abilities in this phenomena as well as learn new techniques in this field.

Bill W

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