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Gathered from my own home and my mums home, I have loads of them, some of these have my voice on them too, but you will hear a voice before or after i have spoken, i have had some activity around my home things moving things being thrown like tiny little stones accross the floor a tiny figure like shadow in my room that woke me up and said boo i sleep with the light on now with cctv setup in my room i get woken up quite regularly for no apparent reason i come home from a night shift and blacked out all my windows to sleep and had a scatching noise on the inside of the bathroom wall the wall in not hollow it's single brick as it's an internal wall have had many bump in the night noises listen to them and tell me what you think none of them have been tampered with in anyway recorded listened to with Wavepad copy and pasted as seperate files, sorry i can't change the names without it wanting to change file to unreadble so they are as they come.

.wav Untitled_3.wav Untitled_3thinks he said.wav Untitled_4.wav Untitled_5.wav Untitled_6 grab him.wav Untitled_6.wav Untitled_7 grab him 2 with other voices.wav Untitled_8.wav

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