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The Zeta Connection: Q and A on all things Extra terrestrial. ~ Paul Hamden & SyAnn

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Zetaprimer1.jpg.27ebb1b5ca18ea99324440f6a41d2681.jpgFriday May 6th/ Saturday May 7th Australia

The Zeta Connection: Q and A - on all things Extra terrestrial.

With more and more mediums and circles claiming to have ET guides and contact, Paul and Sy Ann feel the time is right to offer an evidence-informed monthly Q&A group for anyone interested in extra-terrestrial topics such as the Zeta and other E.T races, UAP disclosure, UFOs, E.T contact, missing-time events, orbs, astral encounters with E.T. beings, implants, portals, E.T. abduction etc.
They also offer a LIVE call-in show once a week with Rebellious UFOlogy - The show is streamed live on Youtube - people can just watch the show, type questions or appear live on the show. To be notified of the weekly show, subscribe (free) to Rebellious UFOlogy on Youtube and/or join the Facebook group - the Zeta Connection where the live link is posted each week. 

Check time in your city.
Pacific and Phoenix time: 7 p.m. Friday
Mountain time 8 p.m. Friday
Central time 9 p.m. Friday
Eastern time 10 p.m. Friday
London 3 a.m. Saturday
Sydney/Melbourne 12 p.m. Saturday
New Zealand 2 p.m. Saturday

For people in Sydney, Australia, Paul and Sy Ann will be doing live events at Wallacia May 21st - May 30th.

Email zeta_events@hotmail.com Limited places, bookings essential. 

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