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Emotion, Sensitivity, and Extraordinary Experience Webinar


Michael-Jawer-300x300-1.png.508b3d1ca2e1c4601ca60aac29db75f8.pngEmotion is core to our sense of self and the most powerful driver of our lives.

As such, the combination of emotionally meaningful junctures with personality differences (we’ll learn about the “thick boundary” and “thin boundary” personality) may be the source of anomalies.

If you consider yourself highly sensitive, or live with someone who is – or if you’re just fascinated by what we can’t yet explain – you’ll find this presentation compelling.

Michael Jawer has been examining emotion, personality, and anomalous experience for the past 20 years. He blogs for Psychology Today and his work has appeared in Spirituality & Health, Aeon, Nautilus, Scientific American, and Advances in Mind-Body Medicine. He has spoken to groups including the American Psychological Association, the Society for Consciousness Studies, the Scientific and Medical Network, the Rhine Research Center, the New York Open Center, and the Jung Society of Washington. He has also lectured at the University of Maryland, Georgetown University, Drexel University, and University of Virginia. Jawer’s latest book is Sensitive Soul: The Unseen Role of Emotion in Extraordinary Statesl (Park Street Press, 2021). His previous books, written with Marc Micozzi, MD, PhD, are Your Emotional Type (Healing Arts Press, 2011) and The Spiritual Anatomy of Emotion (Park Street Press, 2009). Learn more on his website at MichaelJawer.com.


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To learn more, visit the Noetic Sciences website:   https://noetic.org/event/emotion-sensitivity-extraordinary-experience/ 

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