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Theories about how spirits connect with our devices

Michael Lee


As we observe paranormal activity in our ITC devices and software, the grand question is how is this happening?

Zero-point energy

In quantum mechanics, the vacuum is not actually empty. It is filled with particle-antiparticle pairs that perpetually go in and out of existence. The lifetime, t, of these pairs is governed by the Heisenberg uncertainty principle:
Et >/2.

Despite my careless description of a physical concept, it should be noted, no one really knows the density of virtual particle pairs in the vacuum. If the density were infinite, the universe would collapse under the weight of gravity. If it were finite and not too small, could we someday tap into it to get free energy?

In any case, when we use a device to tap into this field, we are not going to get a whole lot out, unless the device is receptive to a large bandwidth of energies (from radio to light). 

What would a vacuum photon look like? Likely, a very very short pulse of energy, maybe a femtosecond or picosecond. I like to call these hypothetical pulses "spiritons," but the reality is that observed random pulses of energy could be just that, random, and not caused by the communication intentions of a spirit / interdimensional entity.

Quantum selection

A hot topic in the quantum science community, recently, is the idea of quantum selection (also Google "quantum eraser") - that is, the effect of the researcher on the outcome of quantum-level experiments. It's driving some researchers mad, but in our case, we ask a similar but crazier question: "what if spirits can select / collapse quantum states?" If so, the best devices would be ones where many quantum states are prepared and metastable (barely stable) until a spirit decides which way they will go. Presumably, we want to continuously and quickly prepare non-equlibrium, metastable states for spirits to collapse at a desired rate of information (i.e., bits per second).

Imagine a system that we could create preparing a metastable state 10 million times a second: a spirit could either leave the state alone, or select "up" or "down." This would allow information transfer of 10 megabits / second. Not bad? Of course, we would need to make sure that nothing else collapses our states like thermal, electrical energy, our own thoughts (?!?). No problem: we could shield the system from all known fields (e.g., magnetic) and put it in a near-zero Kelvin liquid helium-cooled freezer.

In reality, until our research becomes "mainstream," liquid helium-cooled experiments are not likely. Indeed, I had a vision once of seeing an advanced video device that seemed to have it's own internal sub-freezing (< 0 Celsius) cooling system. It had the brand name, Moen, I imagine in reverence to the famous afterlife pioneer, Bruce Moen. However, for now, we are limited to room temperature or at best liquid nitrogen-cooled (77 K) systems.

With the remaining thermal energy, how can we detect the presumably weak signal from spirit?
One idea is microscopic isolation - also out of the range of our non-mainstream research labs. Researchers think that nitrogen atom "vacancies" in diamond, if sufficiently spaced apart, could act as isolated qubits. These qubits, if put into a metastable state, could be allowed to collapse into an "up" or "down" state and then read with a sensitive detector. Perhaps the spirits can manipulate these miniature "abacuses" for us to read their messages?

One "hot" area of research is the use of lasers to obtain quantum noise. The idea is that beam splitters have a 50/50 chance of sending a photon one direction or another. With a suitable setup, one can count the photons going in each direction as a function of time.

The noise present in many electronic devices, for now, offers our best chance at sampling quantum effects. Yes, the noise will be dominated by thermal motions, but if enough spirit signal can be collected, we may be able to infer the rest using tools like machine learning.

One idea, is to have many noise sources in an array. The concept is that if each noise source has independent, non-correlated fluctuations, when we sum up the signals, the spirit (quantum) signal might become more pronounced. The theory says that signal-to-noise ratio could increase by as much as the square root of N, where N is the number of detectors.

The reality is that this improvement in arrays hasn't been realized in my experiments. Perhaps, the noise in each device isn't uncorrelated like we hope? Or maybe, the spirit signal is not equally imprinted on all of the devices at once?


The take home message is that given our current affordable device options, spirit influence is a tiny portion of the overall noise (entropy). Incidentally, a spirit once suggested to me in an astral projection, the proportion is 1 in 500! Any method we can dream up of to improve the ratio of spirit-to-noise will lead to improved ITC.


Recommended Comments

Hello Michael,

I hope is OK to comment directly in your blog entry. I wanted to just throw in some ideas directly related to this topic.

First and perhaps foremost, I like to have in mind that our current physical theories are far from complete, which means that questions like this are likely to have answers around rather than within contemporary physics.

Additionally, I personally do no suscribe at all to the Copenhagen interpretation of Quantum Mechanics, so I try not to think too much in terms of a superposition of states and a collapse into just one. However, I might say that my problem is only with the details of the selection process, so to speak, since I do strongly think that subatomic particles act out of a selection of one concrete action out of a set of possibilities.

I'm also totally inclined towards the "simulation-like models", specially the "vibratory" ones. 
That is.... the idea that the ontologically real elements of the universe are not directly the subatomic particles, but rather, that these physical objects are phenomenological entities, operated by the (ontologically) real objects. Kind of like the letters in this blog comments, they show up here because I type them, but the real actor (me) hides behind the curtains.

Additionally, I like the so-called vibratory models (such as string theory, or quantum field theory), in which the reification of the phenomenological entities (such as an electron) comes about the interactions of fields (and it is the source fields the stuff the real actors operate on to reify the physical particles).

Furthermore, in this view, all real actors are spirits, but of different vibratory capacities and modes, so they operate the "material source fields" differently, and hence are seen to connect or not with matter.


An interesting idea that draws from simulation models is that, if the physical particles are not directly the real stuff, which means that there are at least two layers: the ontologically real elements---spirits--at the bottom, and the phenomenological elements (electrons and such), at the top... then maybe there are other layers. And these possible other layers may contain the (still phenomenological) hemi-physical matter that exists according to several spiritual belief systems (and Alien channeled messages).

In any case, it seems that the degrees of freedom--or possibilities--of action, for subatomic particles, specially electrons (and their "virtual twins", the photons) are the most likely to offer the plug for connection of ethereal signals, much as you said here Michael. 


From a different angle, I am absolutely convinced that there really is something special, or extra, about organic matter that separates it from inorganic one, and that it is this difference what makes organic matter so much connectable to ethereal components, even if, from a reductionist point of view, there isn't any such difference.
There is the fact that the electron molecular orbitals in organic compounds are far more sophisticated than the molecular orbitals in inorganic compounds. Connecting this to the "quantum freedom of action" discussed before, one might think that organic matter provides the electrons with the "many metastable quantum states" that Michael mentioned, which would explain why "animated" matter is organic.

However, I don't think that the key to the "animism" of organic matter is just the sophisticated electron orbitals. That is surely a part of the equation, but I think there is something else. Literally, I mean, something else:

According to the belief system of my church, every physical thing (a quark for example) is a system made of both physical and ethereal components. The physical components carry the actions and the ethereal components directs them. Just as it is found in us, human beings, the same duality is found even in the simplest of the physical particles (such as quarks). BUT, here is the interesting part: when physical elements combine to make a composite (3 quarks making an electron, or atoms making a molecule, or cells making a tissue), then resulting ethereal part of the composite is literally--mathematically--more than the sum of the parts. That is, the more complex the composite, the more extra ethereal components it gets. 
In this view, a crystal, for example, is quite literally not just a bunch of carbon atoms arranged in a funny way, and not just because of the way in which the electrons within the crystal can operate, but also, and more importantly, because the crystal contains "crystal-level" ethereal components.

Interestingly, while the above is just the believes in my church, there now exists a recent fringe physical theory known as "Neppe-Close Triadic Dimension Vortical Paradigm (or TDVP in short). They postulate the existence of a new sort of non-physical particle, named gimmel, which tags along and it is a constituent part of every physical entity. As you might expect, according to their calculations, organic matter has a much much higher amount of gimmel particles than inorganic matter or isolated atoms (also electrons have much more gimmel than protons and neutrons). There is remarkable parallel between the gimmel in TDVP and the "ethereal part of any physical matter" in my church's believes.

What this means for ITC is that I would imagine the best ITC devices to be biological, even if at the very bottom, it is the electrons the ones providing the "plugs" for the connections to be made.

Considering that we are barely scratching the surface of biological technology (not as in drugs but as in purely functional devices), I think we are way too far from that... in the meantime, I would agree with Michael in trying to come up with (in my words, but the same idea if I understood correctly), devices having an "atomic arrangement" maximizing the "quantum freedom of action" of the electron orbitals; but also maximizing the non-physical components of the device (you might say the gimmel count if we would use the TDVP). 
Crystal arrays seem like a good starting choice, but... this is completely off the top of my head, but I believe that a specially designed, resonating electronic circuit, might be functionally similar to an organic molecule in the sense of having, in the complete system, holistically, a non-physical counter-part specifically conditioned and in charge of ITC phenomena, exploiting the electronic freedom of action of the circuit.


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First - feel free to comment here. Perhaps a moderator might consider starting our comments as a thread on the forum? 

Thanks for your thoughts. The more we hash this out, the more we can test and try out different hypotheses.

Spirit infusion into living matter reflects its curiousity to experience its state. However, as you said, there's also a natural duality between the physical and spiritual.

Maybe physical things are just spiritual things glued or knotted together in semi-permanent forms?

Susceptibility to spirit influence is something I didn't get into.

Crystals, for example, may well be good "antennas" to the spirit world, but their resonant frequencies may be in the MHz and GHz, so need specialized electronics to detect their signal. I've actually looked at this a bit with quartz oscillators.

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For what is worth, according to some spiritual belief systems, physical things are, indeed, just spiritual things knotted together in permanent forms, with the added factors, that, (a) it is their extremely low vibrational level what causes them to end up arranged like that, (b) they get paired-up with higher-level, directing, spiritual things because at that extremely low vibrational level, they aren't able to do anything that makes sense.

I should add two things here.

One is that, if the simulation-view is correct, then these extremely low level spirituals things knotted up, or networked, and paired with "more functional" spiritual things, wouldn't directly be quarks, etc.. but the underlying actors behind them.

Second... I used the word actor, as opposed to forces, or energies, because if everything is ultimately spiritual in nature, then everything has, in whatever form and to whatever extent, free-will. That is, I strongly believe that the apparent deterministic nature of the universe is simply due to the fact that the universe is a role-playing game, such that the so-called laws of physics are the rules of the game. In any such system, it is the inter-role interactions who exhibit deterministic behaviors, but the choices allowed by the game are freely made by the players. For example, the words show up here, come out deterministically from the POV of the programming of this forum, but the input to such a program is external to it and depends on my choice of keys to type. Likewise, the "universe simulation" has built in the rules which we call laws of physics, but the input to it are the free-choices of the underlying spiritual entities who are the actors behind the scenes. A very good analogy is a computer game. On the one hand, it is a strictly deterministic computer program, yet, the actual in game phenomena is directed by the external game player.


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Good points! Spirits in my stream often use the term "entropy" The concept here, I think is that some things are deterministic like the laws of physics or a mathematical formula that generates pseudo-random numbers. Other things are inherently unpredictable - no amount of observation and modelling will ever achieve a correct prediction of the future state. It is in that unpredictability that entropy and, indeed, free will (of both us and our spirit friends) exists.

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