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Cheryl Page: Stepping Outside the Box to New Potentials in Mediumship


Sunday February 12th 2023/ Monday February 13th Australia
Global Gathering:
Cheryl Page: Stepping Outside the Box to New Potentials in Mediumship
 Coloring inside the lines, and only following the firmly established “rules” as we practice mediumship, inhibits our capacities. There are as many ways to connect with those in Spirit as there are people in Spirit to connect with. We inadvertently cut ourselves off from the nearly infinite possibilities Spirit brings when we are rigid about the “right” way to practice mediumship. “Don’t be a medium-sheep” is a reminder that if we stay open, infinitely more is possible.

Pacific Time 12 noon Sunday 
Phoenix 1 p.m. Sunday
Mountain Time 1 p.m. Sunday 
Central time 2 p.m. Sunday
Eastern time 3 p.m. Sunday
London 8 p.m. Sunday
Amsterdam 9 p.m. Sunday 
Sydney/Melbourne 7 a.m. Monday 
New Zealand 9 a.m. Monday
Check the time for your city 
Co-ordinators: karynjarvie@ozemail.com.au and wendyzammit@gmail.com

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