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Found 2 results

  1. Hello to all our volunteers. We are giving a lot of notice regarding a catch up that we would like to have board and volunteers to have a handshake meeting. As we do not know who is working and because we are indeed an international group, we had to find time to knock out as many barriers as possible. Therefore, we ask you to be willing to meet on a Saturday for most of the world and Sunday the rest. We appreciate this is calling upon a family time, but we have to start somewhere. We propose Saturday 16th January for most of you, Sunday 17th, 7 am for Sydney Australia. You may find out your time for your city using this device. https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/ Put in the time 7 am Sydney Australia, and the date and then put in your city it will calculate what time it would be for you. The time for volunteers will be 1 hour or less and 1.5 hours for the board who will meet after. To prepare for the meetup and have it run smoothly. Please have available a written note about your interest in Varanormal, the skills you can use, and what you are interested in volunteering in. So in short Volunteers we need to know - who, what, where, when, why. We would also like to know if there are any skills that you would like to try for the first time. Volunteering is a two-way street. We value you and what you can bring, how often and what etc. If we can help you to achieve what you want, it is a win-win situation. Is there something that we can help facilitate your skills? Finally, we will be setting our going forward meets. We will be using zoom for our meeting platform so that you will need access to a camera. If you do not have one, a cheap good quality one is a Logitech 250. Please feel free to contact me: karynjarvie@ozemail.com.au
  2. We recognize that in order to provide the best possible experience for the community, as well as bring together all the necessary resources to make this website work - we need people. We appreciate anyone who provides their assistance in helping us in this effort. Its not just an effort to make a forum that works well, it is an effort to educate mankind and provide a safe place for those discussions and discoveries we share together. As a thank you for your service, for each month for their ongoing support volunteers will enjoy website benefits equal to "Supporters" level subscription. Volunteers can also, of course, elect to help sustain this website by either donating or electing to subscribe on a monthly basis. **As of 10/20/2020 all volunteers with the exception of (writers) are requested to use a FREE 3rd party app called "GLIP \ RingCentral" so we can help manage tasks and communicate efficiently. GLIP can be used from any desktop, laptop, or mobile browser - but we prefer the mobile and desktop APP and recommend it. When you indicate you would like to volunteer, we will send you an invite to join the volunteer team in the GLIP\RingCentral APP. Updated 10/26/20 by ~Keith ROLES AND VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES Roles are listed below. The list may not be comprehensive, so if you feel there's something that is missing feel free to reach out! Next to the role is an approximate number of volunteers needed and is displayed in parentheses like this: (2). Social Media (Everyone) Share Relevant material such as Social Media Posts to and from Forum from designated pages and efforts *We're looking for dedicated people to share at least 5 non-personal posts a week related to something that will benefit the entire community (Ads prohibited in this support role, those can be done in the Classifieds forum.) It doesn't have to be your content (unless you represent an organization), it is preferred to be historical content or content from an individual or group of individuals who dedicate themselves to informing others of topics in our world today. (Usually of a non-personal nature) Bonus points and immediate volunteer benefits for anyone that volunteers to regularly share all Facebook posts from one or more of the following: (with the owner's permission if the content is private) Victor and Wendy Zammit and weekly afterlife newsletters Mark Macy (post newsletters to Forum - we will seek permission for you) Physical Mediumship, to include the work of Robin Foy, Spiritual Science Foundation, and all known physical mediumship centers such as Wallacia, Gilbert Sanctuary, Parsonage side Trance and Physical Mediumship Centre, etc. It is preferred to have no more than one person share one particular group; however one person can assume responsibility of sharing from more than one site. Sandra Champlain and "We Don't Die" Cyrus Kirkpatrick and Afterlife Topics AREI Afterlife Research and Education Institute Afterlife Data, Voices Across the Veil Paranormal Study The Leslie Flint Trust S.P.R. Society for Psychical Research and any other large and active community that clearly serves others and shares to Facebook (including Paranormal and Occult topics) The intention is: to STOP the loss of data as important historical and current information is shared to Facebook and then disappears into a black hole. Site Tutorials (2) Create tutorials to assist users in helping them learn how to use the forum. Using a program like "Snag-It" would be beneficial. Examples would be: (a) How to make a post or start a topic (b) How to resize audio files using Audacity or other free software (c) How to create a support ticket etc. Site Support (4) Use the built-in support ticketing system to assist users with issues and escalate to site admin when needed Video (YouTube) (5) Caption Videos (The main priority for this task is to globalize the documentary series by Dr. Keith Parsons (1) Create captions for YouTube videos using 3rd party "Clipscribe" software subscription. (1) Translate captions into foreign languages using provided software (1) Translate Video Descriptions, Titles using provided software (1) YouTube Past Reconciliation Update past video descriptions with Template Text that will be provided (1) YouTube Playlist Manager Manage existing playlists on Metascience Foundation YouTube Channel and add relevant videos to them (1) Communications (2) Assemble information provided by team members and create drafts of newsletters, forum communications, etc. Editor (2) Edit and proofread Articles, Communications, Forum, Technical Documents for ease of reading by the public Publisher (2) Publish articles to website or forum (received from Editor in some cases) (2) Writers (Any) Write new content on ITC, Paranormal, Occult, Esoteric, and various topics that are relevant to and will benefit the entire community. Tutorials, Historical pieces, Technical articles, and in some select cases articles from a personal point of view* *(It is important that these articles do not directly contradict the values expressed in our mission statement - ie. the continuity of life and the principles that life is all around us, whether it be spirit, alien, or unknown. For example, reincarnation is an accepted topic and someone could write about it; however, writing that people are possessed and need to be cleansed by using a special service is in direct contradiction to this site's expressed view that the power of protection lies in the hand of each and every soul. As well as promoting goods or services through an article - which is prohibited, as the article should be intended to benefit the entire community rather than the writer. A good rule of thumb is - if it invokes fear rather than inspiration, or drama rather than inspiration then it is in direct contradiction to this site's expressed purpose.) *3 articles a month is required to qualify for volunteer benefits unless combined with another contribution. Forum (13) Forum Administrators (3) Forum Moderators (10) Graphics (2) Assist with providing royalty-free or paid Graphics for various needs on an ongoing basis Preservation (5) Back-end Storage with AWS\Azure (2) Virtual computing using AWS\Azure technologies for audio and visual experiments and streams, machine learning(1) YouTube Archivist - Backup videos and playlists from channel to off-site storage (1) Archivist - Keep current project list of ongoing preservation tasks related to the community (2) Migration Project (2) Copy posts from iDigitalMedium and duplicate them on pages on this site so that iDigitalMedium site can be decommissioned Copy posts from ITC Voices (tentative) Media \ Press (2) Network, find and book new opportunities to spread the word and current message Advertising (2) Seek out and pursue advertising opportunities relative to and for this site, work with site admin to publish Marketing (2) Suggest, develop, and help implement strategies for business growth. Database Management and Consulting (2) Assist with database strategies for the collection, organization, and management of historical and current data relative to the fields presented on this site - for the purposes of presenting data to the public as well as long-term preservation. Financial consultant (1) Provide professional financial counsel on corporation and nonprofit needs Legal consultant (1) Provide professional legal counsel regarding copyright, patents, IP (Intellectual Property), corporations, terms of service, and privacy policy. iDigitalMedium Research Team (By Invite Only) Work 80% privately on "inspired" technologies, share in designated forum, 20% communication with end users Requirements: Research Team candidates are selected by the research team themselves by private consideration based on the following criteria: Already possess a combination of some or all of the following characteristics: experience in professional disciplines, moderate to advanced technical knowledge in a field related to this site or the discovery or preservation of information, possess knowledge pertaining to computer hardware, software, or electronics.....practice good communication skills and exercise the ability to be tactful and respectful of other people's experiences, express compassion for humanity, be able to communicate regularly with team using secure methods outside of forum, and above all - be able to demonstrate consistently that the needs of the general populace and mankind are viewed as greater than their own needs. Previous and current knowledge of subtle energies, including those represented in Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC) and Physical Mediumship are essential complementary skill-sets.
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