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  1. I put in the images into a file 700 of them randomly numbered many are family images both alive and deceased not many, scenery, religious books, famous people, astrology signs, appliances etc... by number along with words or phrases near 6000 in a separate file this is for the phasma communicator. The xparanormal detector you can't add anything and it uses wifi, there was no wifi. Thought it was odd it showed my late son in his football jersey as a child with the phone image preceding it and the words, call, mom, love. The xparanormal detector showed a spirit 4 yards from the pc. The programs
  2. I shut down my wifi at night. I woke up the next day and the images shouldn't have been there and neither should the detector as it uses wifi. It was a message from my son. Before I turned on my wifi I screen shot both apps. You can see how they link up and made sense. I was going to share with my daughter in law but didn't want to upset her as it showed my son as a teenager and the messages made sense. The software is from xtreme senses. Opinions?
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