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  1. Well, guys ... have some interesting results with LED plus Fotovoltaic (little cell) and software filter RTX Nvidea Audio. What you think about ? https://1drv.ms/u/s!An_1YuBXvHoqiMNzNw7sL_96NmBNmw?e=KdnWPk
  2. Well, I just got a Funcional Microwave from a friend that gave me some equipaments to open and use parts ... was tinking from a long time ago about Tesla Coil, hight voltage and go on .... think I will keep some inside parts to make some hight voltage experiments ! Tks for sharing, looks like we are in a ressonance Jeff ! (All of us)
  3. Tks again, Jeff ! How can I do sort of thing here ? Sorry for beginners questions !
  4. Hey Jeff, tks for reply ! Yes, I passed from one filter at audacity software, the voices are so much strong that hurts the ears ... I know we need to delivery or let some noise, usely I dose with radio or frequency RF modulation, depends. The picture acctualy is an old one, for this audio I used scale bettwen 6 and 7 Mhz, so sorry, forgot to change the image. This scale seems to work better for me (6-10Mhz) but, as i mention before, I'm using cellphone as an sort of antenna, it rise the noise very well and make possible, like a amp. perhaps, the strongest phenomena. Nowadays Im thinking about scalar or quantum antenna ... but i need to study more about it. Well, Its good to show you tha I have other kind of manifestation here, like blinking lights and more, but like Keith told-me, its time to foccus on radio LOL. Will let my Instagran to share a little pice of results, have much more things that I'm not put in public, many Gbs. Regards https://www.instagram.com/transcomunicadores/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFqZwIOWE8_DHUqAmSmyY-w
  5. That is great. Thank you for sharing your impression of "my" work. With more filters and patience I extract a lot of information, however what I want now is to apply a live method to be able to build this communication bilaterally. Maybe it's just a dream, right? But I will continue to try. Thanks for the PDF article, I'm already reading. Regards from Brazil
  6. Hello guys ... this is Wagner from Brazil. I would like to share a session using an old German radio from the Nordmend brand (Fidelio 57 3D) tuned in short waves next to an RF generator and a cell phone connected to the same power line. I have obtained interesting results (with or without an RF generator) but I still have difficulties in clearly hearing the messages and distinguishing them from possible common radio interference. Regards from Brazil! Audio>> https://1drv.ms/u/s!An_1YuBXvHoqiMNybRAEkbsnsXV9gQ?e=Si6RKa
  7. Hello, Keith ! Wagner from Brazil, regards, friend !

    1. Keith J. Clark

      Keith J. Clark

      Hi Wagner! Hipe you are well! Gonna connect you with one of the team members 🙂

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