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  1. This is awesome although a lot of it is above my head. Listening to Keith's interview on Ghostly Talk helped a lot to get the gist of what you all are doing.
  2. UPDATE - This update is more than a bit overdue. I did some testing by switching out two other lamps including one "touch" lamp where you just touch a button and the lamp turns on of off. The touch lamp didn't turn off however while I was reading I heard a random ticking coming from it, about a dozen or more times. I didn't record the number at the time because I was reading and extremely tired from the long work day, didn't really think about it. When I was done reading I touched the button to turn it off, it wouldn't turn off but there was an audible "click" exactly like the sound I'd been hearing. Maybe someone was trying to press the button to blink the light like the other lamp? The third lamp with similar LED bulbs had no issues at all. I decided to test the original lamp I wrote about in the previous post and found it to eventually blink a few times in my dining room plugged into a different outlet. I swapped out the bulb and over the next day or so nothing happened. So I determined the original bulb in it was faulty which would explain the blinking upstairs. Except it doesn't explain the consistent times I counted down to one from 3 or 5 where it blinked at one. Maybe the faulty bulb made it easier for someone to manipulate it and make it blink? All totally inconclusive of course but still interesting to me. In the future I'll be better prepared to video and use a voice recorder as well.
  3. Heh, yeah I suppose I do. If you would have seen how I was reacting 3 years ago you'd see quite a different reaction. Anxiety and fear mostly. Learning what I've learned since then there is very little fear now and rarely any anxiety, even with uninvited and rude guests in my home. I believe now when fear or anxiety hit me it's a not so nice person or a "something" trying to stir those emotions. I've come to find I have control over my emotions and environment so I rarely have any negative issues anymore. The several times I couldn't handle something I just got in contact with a friend who can. Regarding the friends facing similar incidents and timeframes. It's weird. We all live hundreds of miles away from each other but seem to have issues at similar times. Hell when we talk on the phone or have a lengthy texting conversation it's not unusual for a "jumper" to go from one to the other, usually jumping back to the original person at the end or shortly after the conversation. Interesting idea about the astrological rules and I'll be sure to start trying to keep track. For me personally it goes is cycles of about 2-3 weeks before another stronger entity pops in. Not necessarily what I would call negative each time, just strong if that makes sense. The negative ones are energy draining, create negative thoughts, anxiety, slight fear and affects my two dogs and cat. About 2-3 weeks and then nothing but peacefulness or a friendly/playful ghost or two which doesn't bother me or the animal family.
  4. 2/27/21 On February 27 I cleaned and set up my dining room mantle in a way I thought looked pretty cool and weird. I lit a bunch of tea light candles, lit some incense and took a pic for my FB page because I thought it looked weird and cool. Within a minute or two of uploading onto FB I noticed the Punching Puppet Nun on the left of the mantle had changed the direction she was looking and was now looking directly at me sitting at the dining room table. The nun puppet was part of a collection of gag gifts my siblings and I gave my dad on his 70th birthday shortly before he died. The second picture I took immediately after seeing the change in direction and was at a slightly different angle from about the same distance but more to the right. I thought that might account for the change but after thinking about it that should have increased the angle/perspective of the puppet to be looking to the left even more. It hasn't moved since as of today.
  5. I’ve gotten lazy keeping a journal of all the weird stuff that happens in my house since it noticeably began about 5-6 years ago. Most of it seems pretty mundane to me now and just another day at Casa de Jim Bud lol. The majority of my household experiences are subtle and it usually takes some time ruling out logical explanations before I settle on the “yep, was a ghost” conclusion. The majority also lack any kind of documentation by video, picture or voice recording. I need to get better at grabbing what little equipment I have at the time I’m experiencing something, just in case I can record it in some way. Then too, many paranormal investigators warn to not investigate alone let alone your own house. I can say that when I give my random visitors attention rather than ignore them the activity seems to either be a little more noticeable or happens more often. Seems to be a cycle of activity for a few days to a week before tapering down to mostly nothing for the next couple weeks. I’m also noticing somewhat of a pattern with close friends of mine, who happen to be in the paranormal community, having their own issues the same time I am. Here's the most recent experience I tried to document and I'll add the other one or two in an additional post. They'll be MUCH shorter I promise. On April 10, 2021 I had a ghost here that I noticed a few times throughout the day and thinking back I probably was picking up on her the day before (Friday April 9). When I noticed her she was in one corner of my living room and it felt like she was cautiously watching me. Shortly before I went to bed I walked in the living room and heard a distinct high pitched chirping in my right ear which strongly pulled my attention to that corner and a feeling/thought “yup, she’s definitely there”. Just as I thought that I got a strong impression of “oh shit, he sees me” and sensed her run behind me and out of the room. I immediately took a few pics of that corner and the path I felt she took with the last picture of the stair landing where I felt she was peeking around from. About 10 minutes later I went to bed and within a couple minutes of lying down my bedside side table light started blinking off and back on again randomly. Sometimes for a few seconds and other times for just a short blink. Although this has happened with two lamps on the first floor it’s never happened in my bedroom before. Maybe she was trying to get my attention so I thought I’d try an experiment. I asked her out loud to play a game with the light. On a countdown of 5, to blink the light off when I get to number 1. The first time the light went off a few seconds after I counted down to 1 and thought it to be a coincidence. None the less I thanked her for trying and said let’s try it again. I mixed it up between countdowns of 3 and 5 at varying speeds and each time the light began going out for 1-2 seconds immediately after reaching the number 1. I did this 5 or 6 times consistently before I got bored and told her I was going to roll over and go to sleep then thanked her for the validation. Did I think to get any of this on a video? Of course not! Never even crossed my mind until my friend Joni asked me. Insert face palm here. Oh and I almost forgot, while doing the count downs I briefly felt another presence in my closet who seemed angry and glaring at me. I told him/it to leave and then rolled over to fall asleep and that particular energy seemed to dissipate. Or hid itself, who knows? Just after rolling over I got the impression of the girl tentatively reaching over to touch me. In my head it looked like she was reaching out with what seemed like a tendril or cord. I told her no touching and not to try drawing energy from me and immediately shielded myself from her and possibly the angry closet guy if he was still around. Then I asked my guides/guardians/ancestors to reinforce my protections and to help the girl in whatever way she needed. Regarding my friend Joni - she can pick up energy and info from pictures as well as when we’re texting or talking on the phone. When we talked on the phone the morning of Monday 4/12 Joni said she was faintly picking up on the girl (so she was still around). Joni confirmed my feelings the ghost was in her late 20’s or early 30’s and had blonde or light brown hair. The only thing that differed was our impression of clothing. Joni felt she was dressed in 1940’s style clothing, a light colored chiffon dress type outfit. I felt it was more recent clothing, a brownish jacket and maybe blue jeans. I know it’s not unusual for several people to pick up some differences on the same person. In the past few years Joni and I have routinely compared impressions on things that go bump in my house and she has validated my impressions each time and without me giving her any info. And being a seasoned investigator she asked if I got any of it on video which of course I didn’t. So Monday evening I decided to try again should the light do the blinky thing again. Sure enough the light acted up shortly after climbing into bed and I asked for her to try and recreate the other night’s game. The energy felt different though. Not bad but not great either. Felt heavier. I couldn’t get the light to go off on any of my countdowns but I was able to catch it at least go off during two 2-3 minute recordings. It only happened one time in each vid and I got a sort of mocking feeling when it did. I gave up, shut off the light and rolled over to try and go to sleep. I laid there awake for what felt like two hours or more feeling some kind of energy moving around the room. I shielded up and asked my guides, etc. to gather around and protect my and my pets energies before eventually falling asleep. As of today Thursday April 15 there had been no issues with the light, or any other lights in the house, since.
  6. Very interesting stuff Fernando.
  7. Thank you Andres, it's appreciated. Like you I'm constantly surprised how many people are coming out speaking about similar experiences. It really helped alleviate a lot of the crazy that I felt and realizing that I wasn't crazy and there really was something going on. Still I'm very cautious with who I talked to about these experiences because of how literally crazy they can sound. I don't have anyone locally with the exception of two close friends who I can share things and even with them I have found myself sharing less and less as time goes on. I rely on forums like this and other remote communication to discuss or share with trusted internet friends who have gone through similar or can relate for some other reason. Already I see the benefit of this forum.
  8. Oh and Fernando, I'm really sorry you're dealing with what you are for so long. Each of my times, including the last, was months long and bad enough. I couldn't imagine dealing with similar for years at a time.
  9. Interesting points Fernando, and things I will think on further regarding past experiences and the possibility that I've been affected by attachments over the years. There were three that I can feel confident about that affected me physically, one mentally, from 2016-ish to 2018. In a nutshell about the most recent instance (late 2017-2018) - I was helping someone who was working a "case" to rid someone else being plagued by an entity that he believed was demonic (he claimed he also knew its name). Some of us who were closer to him had talents and were helping him in various ways. In my case I have a knack for connecting people to other's who can help in one way or another to deal with and/or remove what's affecting them. In this particular case I offered to have some St Benedict medals blessed by a Catholic priest using the proper blessing of exorcism (he had lost his source for these). My issues started the day I offered help although it wasn't until 3 weeks later that I connected the symptoms and daily experiences to that agreement. Basically the asshole couldn't get to the person I was helping so it went after all of us helping him, same with the other folks helping. This led me on a rollercoaster ride ending in a pretty bad oppression by whatever was messing with me before contacting a well known paranormal author after hearing her on several podcasts. Seems she and I have a similar knack of attracting your run of the mill ghosts as well as more nasty beings. She got me in touch with her Shaman friend and he's helped me out on multiple occasions since. That eye opening experience got me educating myself on how these beings, whether they be nasty human ghosts or the dreaded D-word (demonic), work an the many ways that might help based on what resonates with me. Basically if I feel a pull to something I try it. If it works I put it in my arsenal. If it doesn't dump it. I've found many ways of dealing with and protecting myself from them that personally work for me. I've also discovered I'll always be sensitive to them but more importantly learned that my vibration was a big part of attracting the assholes. With that education and being proactive I rarely get pestered from negative nasty beings but do find random ghosts coming to my house for short visits. Those I'm okay with though. I've been told by people I trust (with good reason), that since changing my vibration, overall outlook and the protection measures I've learned keep the nasties away. I've almost gotten to the point of things being pretty boring in my life compared to the previous last 10 years or so, and especially from 3 years ago. Now getting back to your response giving me some things to think about regarding earlier issues I've dealt with. I noticed you mentioned "he" and "him" when you referenced attachments. I can't help but ask if there was a reason you chose those descriptive terms?
  10. Hey everyone, my name is Jim Budziszewski and I'm excited to be a part of Varanormal. I heard about Varanormal.com from the Ghostly Talk podcast - Episode 139. Scott and Amber were plugging the site and the concept sounded really cool to me. I grew up experiencing a lot of weird ghostie stuff. Nothing earth shattering until a few years ago when I got to find out first hand about negative spiritual attachments. Not a very pleasant time for me at all. Prior to going through what I did I would have called anyone else crazy for claiming the same experiences. Those experiences pulled me back into the paranormal after ignoring it for so long and have forever changed my thinking about so many things. For the last few years I've educated myself and found my mind totally opened to all the possibilities that surround us. My close friends and family have no interest in this type of thing so I've depended on podcasts for most of my learning content. I've discovered new authors, ideas and topics I wouldn't have stumbled on otherwise and even met some great friends along the way. I'm looking forward to continue learning here, participating in cool discussions and meeting new friends.
  11. I'd be up for helping out as a forum moderator. I've been in admin and moderator on several Facebook groups and in the past a worldwide Border Collie forum. My time would be a bit limited though to one or two hours Monday through Friday evenings and weekends due to my work schedule. I'm on the east coast. If you think that might be a benefit then I'm totally up for it.
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