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  1. I can help with the forum in the evenings. I also am a paranormal investigation I have 2 years of experience and 35 events order me. I’m also a psychic medium. So if you need me in a different position as well I can help in that position as well. Just let me know
  2. Welcome to Varanormal, kdawg528, have a browse around your site and when you feel it applicable introduce yourself and begin interacting with other people.  Karyn

    1. Kevin Himes

      Kevin Himes

      Thanks Karyn! Not sure why the "kdawg528" is given, I didn't sign up with that name at all...lol. My name is Kevin, and it's always great to be involved in real ITC research and interactions with others in the field. Bless

      Kevin Himes

    2. Karyn


      lol, how positively weird, oh well it is in the right place to be not normal I guess.

      I have attached a screenshot of what I saw and responded to  AND in any event you are most welcome.  Being a gemini I am used to dealing with "personalities that I show" so why not for others.

      Screenshot (200).png

    3. Karyn


      sorry forgot the second screen was on


      Screenshot (200).png

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