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  1. Hello - In response to your question regarding why does the investigator say; "send your love...", that particular investigator thought she heard a voice come through the VR Ghostbox saying "Send your love." This happens a lot. The investigators respond to something they thought they heard but upon review it's revealed that what they thought they heard was incorrect. The voices, in the program and those that are being manipulated, appear to come through at a very fast speed. While we do at times catch words and sentences correctly during a live session, we mostly find them after the fact during a review. Hope that clarifies that for you.
  2. That is not me in that clip but another team member. Almost every member of the team has run VR Ghostbox sessions during the years we have used the program. There were actually three team members at that session with the speaker. The VR Ghostbox is a program that only plays on a computer and not a tablet or a phone, so yes that is a small computer connected to a speaker. The text that is displayed during the session is what the team agreed they heard coming through the VR Ghostbox. When we do these interpretations we listen phonetically and for syllables. We also have more then one person submit an interpretation. Sometimes we hear the same things and sometimes we are only phonetically close. What I think is of interest in that session is that the longer responses have a sing song quality about them. That would be "I kicked the bucket", "Home from Vietnam...turning" and the "German's on the hill trying killing me." I wondered if singing or pushing through a cadence makes longer responses possible on their end. The pie plate is used to place a trigger object in. We then clip a proximity detector that is sensitive to static charge to the pie plate. If you get near the plate or the trigger object the sensor goes off. I have used that particular piece of equipment for 10 years and it has never been triggered but two other members of the team have the same sensor and have had luck with it.
  3. Hello Keith - These are just software programs or apps that use sound, words or voice fragments in their sound banks. These sounds come through the programs but in no order. Since I do not program software or apps, I have to use those that are made by others. There is a leap of faith as far as what they say is in the sound banks and what actually might be there. For example I have found quite a few programs that do have short sentences and words in their sound banks but these sentences are supposed to be broken up via the program. In some cases the words are even suppose to be in reverse speech. I have worked with one of Martin Bellefeuille's early programs called the VR Ghostbox since 2017. By working with it that long I figured out what was normal in the program and could hear when something unusual came through. While results, that I might consider paranormal in nature, don't come through all the time, I did notice that when they did come through it was in packets or groups. What I mean by this is that during a session there may be many minutes of nothing understandable or relevant coming through but then I would get several minutes of voices that talked in long sentences or answered direct questions. I do have some interesting examples from the VR Ghostbox on the YouTube channel of my paranormal investigation team, the Society for Anomalous Studies. The ones of interest are in the Playlist under a heading called Sustained Electronic Spirit Communication. I wrote an article about the VR Ghostbox sessions for a book that features woman in the paranormal and that YouTube playlist is examples I talk about in the chapter I wrote. I'm not trying to promote my team or writing here but rather wanted to point you towards what I have been working on. As a side note this year my team went through a big shake up and half of the group left. We ended up bringing some new people into the team and when we did that our results with the VR Ghostbox declined. Things have not returned to what we were recording as recently as 2020 but I think things are starting to jell again. That itself is a very interesting topic for another thread.
  4. Tom and Lisa have always been supportive of my projects and offered an objective ear to bounce ideas off of. Glad to hear you had a good experience with them also.
  5. Hello - I’m Cindy and am very happy to have found this forum. My interest in the paranormal and ITC goes back to the early 2000’s. Early on I got involved with the AAEVP (ATransC) and over the years had the opportunity to do some EVP/ITC research and writing for them as well as with some other researchers. I have also been involved in the investigation aspect of the paranormal for a very long time. I have been a member of several paranormal research team and helped found my present team 10 years ago. While most of my ITC experimentation is done outside my paranormal group, since 2017 my present team has had growing success using word fragment software during investigations. We started to use the same program in 2020 in non-haunted locations and had some interesting results. I have also done some video loop experimentation and have had a few intriguing results but have a long ways to go to get a consistent outcome. I hope to learn a lot from researchers on this forum and to help where I can to advance this fascinating work.
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