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  1. Sorry hard to keep up with everything, I believe you asked about psychographing, today it is more commonly referred to as automatic writing.  Chico's manner of psychographing was unique in that he did it all with his eyes closed and he scrawled messages fast and helpers took &  replaced pages at quite a rapid speed.


    1. Rachel Browning

      Rachel Browning

      Hi Karyn, yes I've watched the videos. Such a shame that his ability was so unique. It would be very interesting to hear from him. Has anybody to your knowledge been in contact since his passing? 

    2. Karyn


      I have not heard of anyone having said they had contact with him, I would think they he is the most upper spheres and unlikely to be able to make contact as seems usually the case.

  2. Hello Fernando Never mind, thank you very much for taking the time to check. Rachel
  3. Hello Jeff This is music to my ears! What you've said confirms my suspicions and is exactly why I asked about equipment, it's very useful. Thank you. In my own personal experience, audio digitisation and compression is only problem with class B and C EVP. It's true to say that the cheaper "sloppy" recorders are more able to capture voices but my Olympus LS10 performs well too, in certain limited circumstances (namely physical seances). And dare I say that I have duplicated voices on more than one recorder when recording in parallel, one of which was on the Olympus LS10 vs Olympus VN
  4. Hello Karen Thank you for replying, I appreciate you sharing your practice. Please may I ask the following questions; are the scrambled voices in your own language? how long and how often you record? do you meditate before hand? do you make a regular time to chat? Of course you are welcome to share any of my videos, they're all on YouTube and the website. And if anyone would like to ask a question by email (evpvoices@gmail.com), I'm very happy to help in anyway I can. My request to move the replies, was that although interesting, they don't directly res
  5. Hello Andres Thank you for sharing your recordings, I am not able to understand them all (which may just be our language differential), but most are extremely clear. I'm afraid I cannot agree with all that you've said but that discussion is for another thread. To one of the Varanormal team, please could the non-digital discussions be moved? I am interested in learning of all of your methods, and further discussion but as I've already specified numerous times, my questions related to methodologies with DIGITAL media only. Many thanks
  6. Hi Fernando Thank you, I’d be very happy to discuss the requirement for a carrier wave in another thread. I don’t just do EVP either, this was simply a specific query aside from general ITC and mediumship. Fingers crossed, other members are able to contribute with their experiences. Rachel
  7. Hi Jeff The conversation does get convoluted when it veers away from the question. Maybe it might be wise to open another thread where this discussion can take place? I don’t want to stifle debate. Rachel
  8. Hello Fernando I’ve been practically investigating parapsychology for 40 years and am aware that my “gift” to hear voices might be defined by some as clairaudience. I appreciate your enthusiasm to help but I am not searching for meaning or understanding on being a catalyst for EVP. What I asked, specifically, was for the experiences of those members who use a specific type of media to share their recording protocol. Nothing more. Rachel
  9. Hi Jeff I broadly agree with all you’ve said, and I really don’t want to appear dismissive but my question is specific to those who currently experiment with digital media, or who have in the past. If possible I would be grateful for those members to share their practices; ideologies and experiences on the personal evolution of EVP development are very interesting but don’t answer what was asked. Rachel
  10. Hello Gismo Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the philosophy of EVP and how it relates to your search for evidence. As I outlined in my opening post, I am hoping to learn of recording protocols used by members. Whilst I am very interested in the Germanium Receptor, its use is beyond my scope at this time. Do you have experience in digital media? Rachel
  11. Hi Jeff Thank you, but I can’t take much credit, I’m just the facilitator. Without my friends and communicators, I wouldn’t have any research. I started making videos to highlight would could be achieved with the minimum financial outlay, and to encourage people to try recording. I’m not sure I’ve been successful in my objective, most as you say, give up before good links are made. Over time the recordings have provided a deeper understanding of the nature of EVP but there are still many, many questions I’d like answered! Thanks again for your help. Rachel
  12. Thanks Alberto, I am familiar with automatic writing but it's been many years since I read about "The Cross Correspondences" and the methods of practice, time to refresh my memory!
  13. Hello Jeff Thank you for your explanation, I sincerely appreciate our discussion. I agree that provision of a carrier wave does make for an increased likelihood of results. Personally, I'm not certain that clarity is dependent on mediumistic ability, I consider dedication and intention are as important. I have many recordings that confirm your understanding of personal energy fields being used for communication. What I do know with certainty, is that clear EVP are not dependent on other people being present.To illustrate this I have attached a clip that was captured whils
  14. Thanks very much Jeff, it means a lot that a fellow researcher appreciates it. Rachel
  15. Hello Jeff Thank you for letting me know of the frequency of your experiments, I'm sure that consistency helps. Answers to your questions: 1. This was recorded in my seance room. More details about recording conditions can be found here: http://evp-voices.info/studyreport2.html, a video explains my methodology (in the first few minutes). 2. EVP is only heard on playback, however, voices, lights and other phenomena is experienced by members of the group when recording. 3. This voice was captured with an Olympus VN2100. 4. No, the device is very b
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