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  1. In the late 1970s, the late poet Eurícledes Formiga was in our region for a cycle of lectures. During his exhibition in the city of Jaguapitã, he repeatedly quoted picturesque facts from the life of Chico Xavier, greatly enriching his message. We didn't have the opportunity to meet Formiga. When we entered the ranks of Spiritism, he was already in the spiritual homeland. We had access to this lecture through a small cassette tape with the recording of the lecture, which was property of Hugo Gonçalves, director of this newspaper, who gave it to us. The Sage and the Scorpio Eurícledes said: “One day Chico told something wonderful within this context, which is our informal exhibition. He said the following:-Once, in India, a sage was passing with his disciple on the bank of the river Ganges, when he saw a scorpion that was drowning. He then ran and, with his hand, removed the little animal, and brought it to dry land. At that moment, the scorpion stung him... They say it is a terrible pain... He swelled the sage's hand. As soon as he patiently placed it on the ground, the scorpion returned to the water. And he, with his hand already swollen, under those violent pains, goes and removes it again. And the disciple kept watching... The third time he brings the scorpion, with his hand already quite swollen and the pains violent, he puts it further away, on the ground. Then, the disciple can't stand it anymore, and says: - Master, I don't understand... This animal... It's the third time that you're going to take it out of the water and it pricks your hand like that. You must be in horrible pain... And he, with the placid face of souls who know the secret of good, of those who have truly conquered a territory of love and renunciation in their hearts and who have a vision of heavenly truths, turns to the disciple and says: - My son, for now his nature is to sting, but mine is to save!" Source: JOSÉ ANTÔNIO VIEIRA DE PAULA depaulajoseantonio@gmail.com Cambé, Paraná (Brasil) http://www.oconsolador.com.br/ano6/302/umminutocomchico.html
  2. Hi, I have seen in certain ITC articles that when they mention examples of the phenomenon appearing in the media, they mention movies like "White Noise", but I don't think they have ever mentioned the video game OXENFREE. I think generally the current generation of TCI researchers didn't grow up playing video games so they don't know about the existence of this game. A few months ago the Epic Store game store gave it away and I had it in my list of games without installing, but I had an idea that it had something to do with the ITC because they used a radio, but boy, after playing it I did not know what it was an integral part of the game. PLOT: Alex, a teenager, is on the last ferry heading to the fictional Edwards Island for a weekend party. She is accompanied by Ren (Aaron Kuban), her stoner friend, and Jonas, her new stepbrother de ella. On the island, Alex and company meet Clarissa, the ex-girlfriend of Alex's deceased brother Michael, and Nona, Clarissa's best friend and Ren's love interest. Ren explains the island was once a military base and that the island's only permanent resident, Maggie Adler, has recently died. After camping on the beach, Alex, Ren, and Jonas explore the nearby caves, where it is rumored certain radio frequencies cause supernatural events. In a small cavern, Alex tunes her radio and unexpectedly forms a dimensional rift. A voice answers and the teens experience visions before passing out ..... In the game the use of the radio to communicate with the spirits is integral, the spirits use excerpts from existing radio programs to form sentences and deliver their message. As the game progresses you will find analog devices such as old cassette recorders, wire ones and short wave radios. Travel in time and to other dimensions are also part of the plot. I really liked the music and the plot and its references to the ITC, it is short and in a couple of days or in a single day you can finish it, I recommend it. Oxenfree is available for Android, iOS, PC, Mac, Linux, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PS4.
  3. Thanks...it took me a while to do it so Im happy people like it... Please share it everywhere to get many views and more people aware about the existence of real audio/ video evidence from spirits
  4. Hello ... I mentioned in the last video of ITC pioneers that I would do a continuation later, well, I finished it ... I divided it into 4 parts because it was a very long video .. I hope you like it and can share it .. thanks
  5. I Liked specialy when Whendy Zammit mentioned that Leslie Flint Mikey´s said that most people only care about contacting their death relatives and dont want to learn the spiritual truths and morals... I have seen this on person and on the afterlife evidence facebook forums where I have have shared the charity works and all the loving examples of Chico and Divaldo and others, and the post barely get any reactions or even a few start to say that they dont like them because they are very religious.... but then someone post things like my spirit guide is a egyptian cat or I saw my dog spirit near the bed and got hundreds of replies and positive responses....
  6. ILLUMINATING PATH “Without good ways, you will live without the trust of others. Without a fortress, you will succumb as you face the first obstacle on the road. Without positive faith, you will wander without direction. Without dedicating yourself to goodness, you will risk terrible hardening of your heart. Without noble examples, you will become useless to the world. Without constructive work, the tedium will deplete your energy. Without your own effort, you will never reach the doors to the Higher Realms. Without hope, your terrestrial nights will be without light. Without understanding, your way through the shadows will be painful. Without a spirit of renouncement, you won't help illuminate the paths of others.” ANDRÉ LUIZ - FRANCISCO CÂNDIDO XAVIER
  7. LIFE GOES ON “Death, to me, means a change of residence without loss of individuality, because life goes on carrying with it all that we have within ourselves, be it good or the absence of good. We will pass to the other life with that which we've gained ourselves.” COOPERATION "For the time being, your cooperation is not required in Paradise; without question, your reality at this time is to learn, to love, to help and to serve right here on Earth.” -ANDRÉ LUIZ
  8. SPIRITUAL ATTACHMENT “A spirit obsessor exerts upon us an influence proportional to the attracting weakness in our energy field.” FRIENDS AND ADVERSARIES "We need encouraging friends so that we perform our duties correctly, and adversaries to help us correct our lingering deficiencies."
  9. Hello .. as you know Chico xavier has thousands of phrases of thoughts and reflections, so instead of opening thousands of posts, I will put here the ones I find ... I hope you like it.. HAPPINESS “Happiness does not come from possessions or power, but rather from a wise and dedicated heart." FRANCISCO CÂNDIDO XAVIER SELFISHNESS Selfishness causes us to see competitors in everyone. Fraternity finds brothers and sisters in all.” FRANCISCO CÂNDIDO XAVIER ACCOMPLISHMENT “Jesus said: ‘to each one will be granted according to his own work.’ Do not worry about the others, except to help them; because the law of God does not know you for what you observe, but through your accomplishment.” ANDRÉ LUIZ - FRANCISCO CÂNDIDO XAVIER GIVING THANKS “Upon arising, thank God for the blessing of life. If you are not in the habit of praying, be composed and recall old thoughts of serenity and optimism for a few moments before resuming activity.” ANDRÉ LUIZ - FRANCISCO CÂNDIDO XAVIER TO SERVE “If you have erred, think about the assistance that you can render to others and correct yourself through work. Do not condemn yourself; serve more. God understands us.” EMMANUEL - FRANCISCO CÂNDIDO XAVIER
  10. Rachel Browning dont worry, we are all still learners.. psycography, some people on english call it automatic writing, its when a medium write a message from the spirits, the medium can be either conscious or unconscious, and he/she could be "hearing" the message and it writing it down or his/her hand can be moving by itself ( by a spirit controlling it ) and he/she could have no idea of what was being written...
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