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  1. I have not developed any communication method so I can't propose any speed, haha. XD I think the best way for the spirit would be to just send bits everytime he can "connect", and continue sending the next time he can connect again. Over time he could transfer big texts.
  2. I have made a PDF with my proposal of what could be show to the spirit when trying to transfer text via binary. TransCommunication Binary Transmission.pdf
  3. It would be easy to transfer binary via automatic writing with something like this: Then the binary can easily be converted to text (ASCII). The postmaterial person (spirit) doesn't even need to know the equivalences beforehand, the medium can just print a page with all the Binary->ASCII equivalences for the postmaterial person to see. I think binary should be the standard when trying to transfer information from the other side, trying to transfer audio or video is like building a house starting by the roof instead of the foundations. The SoulPhone project will probably b
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