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Our Mission Statement

Keith J. Clark

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Our Mission Statement

Collect:  Current and Historical Information related to the Paranormal Sciences, ITC, Physical Mediumship and related fields.

Disseminate: Distribute information in an organized manner to the general public in a format which is easy to find and easy to distribute across existing social networks.

Preserve: Coordinate long-term archival (50 years minimum) of all historical information that is beneficial to the general public. Establish relationships and preservation agreements with community contributors to preserve the essence of their life's work far beyond their transition (physical death) and make it available for free in the public domain.

Demonstrate: The continuity of life and communication with non-physical personalities through the use of the human energy field combined with intent, education, and methodical practices.

Research: The potential for advancement of technologies and education as it pertains to the evolution of mankind. Provide FREE experiment software and techniques which will be used by the general public to replicate results achieved by research team and collaborating groups. 

Fund: Resources for advanced projects using current and emerging technologies, as well as to further understanding of the human energy system and its interaction with the conformation of physical matter.

Grants: Seek grants for funding of scientific studies of subtle energies. 

Support: Groups and individuals that dedicate themselves to the betterment and continuing evolution of mankind through acquired knowledge. 

Sustainment Model: Provide an infrastructure model using current technology whereby existing efforts can sustain their efforts by leveraging community and volunteer contributions - both energetically and financially. This can be accomplished by creating a "Club" within this forum or imitating our business model to implement the same technologies to achieve comparable results independently. 

Inspire: The current and future generations of pioneers, inventors, creators, and "out-of-the-box" thinkers.

Network: Social change comes about through public awareness and the ability to work together, regardless of differences of opinion. This can only happen when large groups of people come to the same understanding through replication of experiments and individual experience. 

Educate and Learn: Given the nature of subtle energies and the variance of personal experience, it is necessary to collectively learn together and share experiences. In addition the public is being misled by the entertainment industry in favor of profit over education.

Summary: This community is intentionally not labeled as a "life after death" or "afterlife" community because this view (while important) does not encompass the broad view of our universe that is required to both progress forward as a species as well as to meet the stringent requirements of the scientific establishment. In short, we exist to better understand the history and development of mankind in relation to our universe.  

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