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Discussion re the Zetas, with Paul Hamden & Syann, Inge Crosson, William Treurniet


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The Zeta race have been speaking through the medium Paul Hamden for many years. This information has been presented in many books. The ‘Primer of the Zeta Race’ was the result of many years of collaborative work by William Treurniet, and Paul. Paul has authored many books, including ‘Alien Interaction’, and the recently published ‘The Zeta Mind,’ the information of which, provided by the Zeta Race, has been used by many people to understand their own experiences. He is a lifelong experiencer; his visitations beginning, as far as he can remember, at 18months old. Paul often has interactions with the beings on a physical level. Paul's training by the Zeta's began over 60 years ago. The Zeta's working through him do so in a manner that appears similar to a physical medium working in a deep trance state with Spirit. However, the reality of the processes used, taught by the Zetas, are very different as the Zetas are living physical beings, present in the ‘now’, not the past or the future. The Zeta's have used their technology to heal many humans and have spent many years supporting humanity's efforts to move to a higher state of consciousness. Paul’s work with the Zeta’s has been discussed in many publications, including ‘The Alien Abduction Files’, by Kathleen Marden, former international director of MUFON and ‘Medium9’ by Donna Smith-Moncrieffe. For further information about Paul’s experiences and work with the Zetas, please see here: www.the-zeta-connection.com    .



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