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Luis Sergio Marotta speaks about Spiritism

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Luis Sergio Marotta has been involved with Kardec Radio and Spiritism for more than 30 years. He produces videos and podcasts about Spiritism and Christianity and hosts a bi-lingual English/Portuguese youtube channel 'Spirit Connections'. He lectures in Spiritist centers and is also involved with mediums and circles.

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I Liked specialy when Whendy Zammit mentioned that Leslie Flint Mikey´s  said that most people only care about contacting their death relatives and dont want to learn the spiritual truths and morals...


I have seen this on person and on the afterlife evidence facebook forums where I have have shared the charity works and all the loving examples of Chico and Divaldo and others, and the post barely get any reactions or even a few start to say that they dont like them because they are very religious.... but then someone post things like my spirit guide is a egyptian cat or I  saw my dog spirit near the bed and got hundreds of replies and positive responses....

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Yes, this seems to be an issue that people cannot wrap their heads around.   Emanuel Swedenborg's words are also relegated to religion as is Kardec.  

I have found that there is a general lack of knowledge of people such as Chico and Divaldo and as you said others.  I do not know how we deal with this except to judiciously sprinkle the internet with their works.  Of course many do not know the older writings but are consumed with the "pop culture" of highly marketed mediums. 

Few I have found know of Leslie Flint.  There also appears to me a desperate need for people to use discernment. 

I do not really read anything now that is past the era of Leslie Flint.  I much prefer to read of the older works.  To me they are far more interesting.

The other thing as well we have found that in our analytics of things we put on YouTube we are looking at a great majority watching up to 10 mins and then there is another drop off at 20. Very few will watch something as long as an hour.

It is as if people want only bite sized pieces.  There is a worrying trend for someone to do a weekend workshop then hang their shingle out the next day.  I stopped attending the local spiritualist church which really was not run properly at all and had a lot of ex-catholic nuances that the leader had stepped out from previously.  But what did my head in was that the so called mediums were not of the level I thought they should be.  Flower readings did my head in totally.

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