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Varanormal - Who, What, and Why

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Hello everyone, we are so glad you found us! And now it's time to explain who we are, what we do, what you can do, and what this site is all about.

Who Created This Site?

A collaborative group of people who are passionate about collecting, sharing, and preserving information related to all paranormal fields and sciences. We believe truth is the right of all mankind. So it shouldn't matter if our interest is in UFO's, orbs, or séances - as they are all related to our understanding of the universe we live in. And they are all questioned by authority. The way we see it - it is a crime against humanity to withhold information that can help us evolve. And here we are.

What Does "Varanormal" Mean and Why Is This the Site Name? 

The word did not exist (to our knowledge) until we created it. If a word were to be created, it would most likely be a phrase in Swedish that would mean "Be Normal".  Vara (verb: "be") + "Normal"  Clearly, it is a tongue-in-cheek reference to our feelings that once the paranormal is understood, the definition of the world itself may need an update. It was also a practical choice, as clearly it is only letter off from the word "Paranormal" - which means this was an excellent choice for S.E.O. and other marketing purposes. 


What Do The Logos Mean:

Our logos can have several interpretations. In this case the triangles represent an affinity between consciousness in two separate vibrational states and the energy that passes between them is the third junction. They also symbolize ancient knowledge and may appear to an individual as Pyramids such as those in Egypt and else-where. One pyramid is inverted in relation to the other to express ancient principles of energy conformation. 

From another perspective a pyramid also signifies an amplifier in an electronic circuit. And the inverted pyramid combined with the upright pyramid is also intended to be symbolic of a step-up and step-down transformer.  

The background electronic circuit traces represent connection, as well as invention and ingenuity. 

Symbology aside, we are people with a collective energy and have come here to share knowledge.  


Paranormal is Normal For Us:

For many of us paranormal events happen every day. We live them, feel them, document them, and even help create them. Some of us are career professionals with credentials, and most of us have had personal paranormal experiences. We resist implications that fields associated with Paranormal, ITC, Physical Mediumship and others are simply still mysteries. Some of these have been going on for hundreds of years and in many cases there is ample supporting evidence. We have a lot to learn, but we also have a lot we have already learned and need to share. And everyone's contributions are EQUAL - professional or not. 

Our History

The majority of people are familiar with the Paranormal; however, far less people are aware of the smaller communities of ITC (Instrumental Transcommunication) and Physical Mediumship. 

  • Instrumental Transcommunication (communication with non-physical beings through electronics) has been around a long time, most particularly it took off in 1959. EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena - recording voices of non-physical people on electronic devices) is known as a form of ITC and is often featured in various ghost shows on Television. (See one of the original websites here: http://worlditc.org/) ITC doesn't just involve audio - images and many other forms of communication are also received and have been documented since then. 
  • Physical Mediumship has likely been around since the beginning of time, popularized during the Spiritualist movement in America in 1848 and thereafter, and already existent in other cultures in various expressions. One of these is the "shaman"

Bring Them All Together:

Paranormal, ITC, and Physical Mediumship are all energy-based events. Events in which our energy is often partially responsible for the event in question. This is more true particularly when intent is used for the purpose of communication. 

The Surge:

Around 2005, when the popular movie "White Noise" came out, there was a large burst of people that became interested in Instrumental Trans-communication. This resulted in a period of renewed interest in ITC (as Tom and Lisa Butler from ATRANSC (Formerly American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena) were featured in the DVD extras of the film. The film became directly associated with EVP for many people.

The Imbalance:

Around this time many ghost shows began to appear on television and continue still today. However, the balance of education was overwhelmed by the desire to entertain. If it was scary, it sold. This, in and of itself, is not a bad thing, it's something we enjoy. However, all resources went to entertainment and little to education and preservation. Mainly because the public did not know these things exist. 

Facebook became popular. It slowly replaced the activity that was happening on forums and they diminished around the world. Some people turned to Facebook groups. All of the information posted to Facebook is often only seen by a small group of people, some of it is censored, and it has to be posted over and over again to remain relevant.

The Challenge:

Most people don't know what the term "ITC" means; However, many paranormal enthusiasts are aware of what EVP is. For many, that is where the education ends. Whatever is presented on TV is often what the general populace mirrors in their understanding. It's time to join forces - to mix and mingle. It became necessary to align our efforts with the current social mindset and to speak some of the same language. Here we removed the walls. Here we  bring everyone together to share freely - so that we may all learn and benefit together. We are all working towards the same goal - truth and discovery.


We have watched as private individuals have dedicated decades of their life towards gathering and disseminating information related to the continuity of life. Many have died. And when they have died we have watched their work disappear. In some cases it was promised it would come back and it never did. We are here to change that because when we lose history we repeat it. 

We are trying to save the earth, the rainforests, animals,  to curb climate change and all of these other physical things that are becoming increasingly important to focus on. Isn't it then also important that we continue to learn about who we are and how we relate as energetic beings to our universe?


We believe in disclosure. It is clear by looking at our society that much has been hidden and kept from us. We slosh our way through truth and misinformation everyday, and we will still have to do that here. We are here to right some of the wrongs of the past. 



Let's work together. Share our experiences. Most of all - realize that the most important thing is that we are all learning together. There are no experts, only people that may have more condensed experience in a particular field or topic because they've spent more time in it. It takes the effort of a community to create social change. All types of people. So we call upon you to help.


This site was specifically created so that amassing information about the topics we care about is not dependent upon one person or individual. Many people are involved in different aspects. Knowledge comes faster when people work together. This is why we have listed volunteer roles, and we also appreciate the contribution of all community members through their participation. We use modern day software hosted in the cloud (Invision Community). It's not designed to be just a forum - this site also includes capabilities for blogs, galleries, databases, calendars, multi-language translation, commerce, ads, and even 3rd party functionality such as classifieds, and maybe one day - chat. We also considered the scalability required for intensive growth and long-term preservation. These are paid services which is why we created subscription plans and are also incorporating as a non-profit organization. Behind Varanormal is a variety of professional talent at the hosting and administrative levels. 



We are glad to have you here with us. Let's continue our journey of discovery together!

If you have any questions please let us know, either by an email to info at varanormal dot com or through the "Support" button at the top of this site.


Other Current and Past Efforts by Our Team:

ITC Voices - Founded by Tim Woolworth in 2009
This website focuses on articles related to ITC with an emphasis on current and past ghostbox technologies.

ITC Bridge - Founded by Keith J Clark in 2007 (Co-Founder of Varanormal) An online forum for Instrumental Transcommunication

Paranormal Study -  Founded by Tim Woolworth, supported by Jeremy Michael Bloxsom - this site shares information on various paranormal topics. 

TDC Researchers - An ongoing effort by Jeremy Michael Bloxsom (Co-Founder of Varanormal) intended to capture and share extensive information related to the continuity of life.

iDigitalMedium - Founded by Keith J Clark, Jeremy Michael Bloxsom, Ron Ruiz, Gretchen Bickert and colleagues with a focus on ITC History and its preservation, modern research into unknown and unexplored territory, databases of information for the public, charitable efforts in The Gambia and Kenya, Africa. iDigitalMedium will be absorbed into Varanormal.

In addition many of our team members have been or are currently involved in many projects related to preservation, collection, sharing and dissemination of information related to Paranormal, ITC, and Physical Mediumship topics. In addition, there are some groups we strongly support and either have already or hope to provide assistance to, including:

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