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2020 and experiments with EVPMaker software.

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Hi all, 

Last year In 2020, I started experimenting with the EVPMaker software, my main contact that I reached out to were to Mr Raudive.
So to proceed with the experiments I used Mr Raudive voice from the clip when He phoned Mark Macy from the other side. I then would run this through the software to turn it to gibberish.  
I would then proceed to ask questions and wait 30 seconds while playing the gibberish audio out loud, I never heard voices in real time. It was only when I would play the finished session back that I would casual listen to the recorded session and there were responses to my questions.  
This is just a few of the responses from Mr Raudive and others, I put the sessions contact into a short video compilation. 
Many thanks Lance.
Short compilations of experiment.

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