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Experiment Team Results Project 1: Perlin Noise

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This is the submission from SGlanz. He sent these to my email as per my initial instructions. He sent me a lot of images, and I selected to top five for me.

Here are his survry answers:

Survey answers below

Have you ever done any form ITC before? - YES
  1. If so, which forms? - MANY
  2. Do you currently think it is possible for spirits to communicate via ITC? - YES
  3. Have you ever done spirit images before? - YES
  4. If so, using what method? - IN THE 80'S, FEEDBACK LOOP FROM TV AND VCR. OTHER METHODS SINCE. 
  5. Do you think its possible to receive images from Spirit via ITC? - YES
  6. Do you think its possible to receive images from someone you know? - YES

The experiments run from March 24 to March 28.

szoter_annotated_image (6).jpeg

szoter_annotated_image (16).jpegszoter_annotated_image (20).jpegszoter_annotated_image (3).jpegszoter_annotated_image (7).jpeg

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