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ITC session protocol template

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InI thought about making a document template for ITC session protocols where you can enter when, where and what you where doing in an ITC session. I think there are some templates around in the community but I would like to take advantage from the fact that lots of skillful people are in this forum who could participate with their knowledge. I own a program named "PDF Maker". You can design pdf documents with it that can be filled out electronically and then saved as a fix(non editable) pdf. Or you just print it out and fill it out by hand. I would like to discuss what data is useful to be documented and what not. I think a minimum set of data should be:

  • Name of experimenter
  • Date and time of session
  • Type(Image/Video/Audio)
  • Referenced files (image/video/audio)
  • Environmental conditions?
  • Interpretation of received content
  • Peer reviewed?

Any more ideas?

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