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Recorded: April 25th 1964

“... skin colour makes no difference

you are spiritual beings encased in a mortal body”

In this fascinating séance recording the sitters speak to André, who was once a Roman Catholic priest. 

André talks about the Divine spark that lies within all of us and the 'many mansions' of spirit - the many spheres.  He discusses the power of thought and the intention behind prayer, spirit communication and the merging of thoughts and vibrations.

He talks about murderers and those controlled by evil influences, who go to lower spheres when they dieand the dangers of attracting such souls during séances.

Finally, André explains the importance of love between peoples, no matter what the skin colour happens to be and that until nations lose their fear of each other, and disband their armies, there will always be war...


Read along with the transcript as you listen to the tape.  

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