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In any ITC method, your etheric energy provides spirits with the required impulse to tamper with the randomness of the transport process (such an audio or video noise signal), in order to manifest, or imprint, something, such as a voice or a face (as it typically the case).

Also, in any ITC method, the correct build up of such etheric energy is essential to the effective realization of the spirit imprint.  So, do not try to perform any of the tests here just passing by. Dedicate your full attention, prepare the environment, make sure to be in the best state of mind.

Always remember that, even though you might be physically alone during a test session, that this is trans-communication, meaning, you will be engaging and interacting with other people, even if not incarnated at the moment. Treat them, the spirits, with respect and be grateful for their time. Always have in mind that we set things up from here, but it is ultimately their choice to participate.

If you have any experience attending a "spiritist mediumship séance", then think of each ITC session as a medium-less (or circle-less) séance. That is, work with your spirit guide. Lift up your vibrations. Tune your intentions and thoughts to the high worlds of love and compassion from which the right energy will come to make the ITC phenomena happen the right way.

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