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The last video reports of Chico alive

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These video reports are the last images in which Chico appears alive, and in them mysterious lights were captured on video, and Chico clarifies who those spirits were, they are very interesting, ...

PART 1 (Turn on the English subtitles)




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1 hour ago, Rachel Browning said:

Thank you for posting these videos Alberto. I hadn’t heard of Chico before, I wish I had. He was an incredible medium and I doubt there will be another like him. I hope wherever he is now, he’s enjoying himself with all of those he helped come through.

Yes, I dont know if there will be another like him, we still have Divaldo Pereira, but hes 93 years old already, I hope he last us much more years...

This is a psycographed message that Divaldo received 3 days after the death of Chico:


“When he immersed in the physical body for the ministry
that he would have to pursue, the future was filled with promises and
expectations. Working tirelessly, he widened the field of solidarity
lighting the torches of the rational faith that spread through the
uncommon mediumistic testimonies. He illuminated lives that had
become lighthouses and support to so many other existences.

He has never glorified himself and never become
disheartened, even when he was bombarded by perverse accusations.
He remained faithful to his duty without concerning himself or
presenting any self-defense or justifications for his actions.

Little by little, through his examples, his integrity, his heroic
Christian efforts, he touched and reached out to thousands of people
and their leaders, who had already begun to love him. He became a
role model of behavior, becoming the reliable representative to
receive mediumistically precise information about the spiritual world
and the phenomena of mediumship.

Because of this, he accomplished and achieved an
incomparable mediumistic mandate. His discarnation was gentle and
sweet, allowing his body to appease, He ascended to the loftiest
regions of the infinite, being recognized by JESUS, who lovingly
received him in His goodness, affirming: “Rest for a while, my son,
in order to forget all the sadness on Earth and enjoy the peaceful
pleasures of the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Divaldo P. Franco - Joanna de Ângelis
Psychographed message received, July 2nd, 2002, in Portuguese

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Rachel Browning dont worry, we are all still learners.. psycography, some people on english call it automatic writing, its when a medium write a message from the spirits, the medium can be either conscious or unconscious, and he/she could be "hearing" the message and it writing it down or his/her hand can be moving by itself ( by a spirit controlling it ) and he/she could have no idea of what was being written...


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