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The Characteristics of a Moral Person ( A truly good person) according to Spiritism

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I want to share with you this item from the The Spirits Book, to reflect for a moment that if we are making good use of the time of this incarnation to progress our spirit:

"The Characteristics of a Moral Person

 By what signs can we recognize in individuals the real progress that will raise their spirit within the spirit hierarchy?

“The spirit proves its progress when all the actions of its corporeal life consist in practicing the law of God, and when it understands the spirit life beforehand.”

Truly moral individuals are those who practice the law of justice, love and charity in its most complete purity. If they interrogate their conscience concerning their actions, they will ask if they have not violated that law, if they have not committed any evil, if they have done all the good that is within their power to do, if no one has a complaint against them, and lastly, if they have done to others what they would want others to do unto them.

Those possessing the sentiment of charity and love for their neighbor do good for its own sake, without hope of reward, and they sacrifice their self-interest for justice’s sake.

They are good, humane and benevolent toward all because they see their own brothers and sisters in all humans regardless of race or belief

If God has given them power and wealth, they regard it as A DEPOSIT that they must use for the good, but this does not make them vain, because they know that God, who has given them power and wealth, can also take them away.

If the social order has placed persons under their care, they treat them with kindness and benevolence because they are equals before God. They use their authority to build them up morally, and not to crush them with their pride.

They are tolerant of the weaknesses of others, for they know that they themselves need tolerance, and they remember the words of Christ, “Let him that is without sin cast the first stone.”

They are not vindictive: following Jesus’ example, they forgive offenses and only remember benefits because they know that they will be forgiven as they have forgiven.

Finally, they respect in others all the rights that the laws of nature have granted them, as they would desire their own to be respected. "

The Spirits Book
Item 918

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