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Medium Divaldo Pereira Franco Mansion of the road (Mansao do caminho)...

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“There is no religion higher than service. To heal the sick, to comfort the mourner, to guide the perplexed, to give strength to the wear and direction to those who have lost their way, those are the most important tasks of all … Never forget that the supreme purpose of life is the unfoldment of the spirit.”

“We are all servants of the Great Spirit. Some of us have evolved a little higher. Because of that, we return to give service, for service is the law of life. Where there is no service, there is desolation. Where there is service, there is peace and happiness. Your world must build a new system of life with service to one another.”

Silver Birch, spirit.



LA MANSAO DO CAMINHO( mansion of  the road) is a land located in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, of 19 acres filled with hospitals, schools, nurseries and job training centers, all free, founded by the now deceased Nelson Pereira, and the medium Divaldo Pereira Franco, still alive at the moment of this post (February 23, 2021) with 93 years of age.

The place is supported economically by means of his seminars, mediumship books and record sales of his lectures, in addition to donations from generous people and some government programs.

How the MANSAO DO CAMINHO was devised:

Once Divaldo was traveling on a train when suddenly he had a vision. He saw an old man with gray hair surrounded by children in a beautiful place. As the man turned around, he saw it was himself, his own image, as though he was in front of a mirror. He heard a voice telling him, “This is what is planned for you.” Divaldo was so deeply touched he could hardly contain his tears .

Six years later, Divaldo’s vision became a reality when he found an ideal place to build his Mansão do Caminho. Ninety-two thousand square meters of land in ideal surroundings conformed to the place in his vision. While not an architect, he sketched all the details of his Mansão do Caminho just as it had appeared to him in his dream; an ideal place to help children feel secure and loved, growing into useful citizens of the world.

(book Rainwater. Maria Izabel Carril Mansion of Love—Mansão do Caminho The Divaldo Pereira Franco story,1981)  
http://www.ignaciodarnaude.com/espiritualismo/Mansion of Love,M.I.Carril.pdf

Now, I share 2 videos about all the mansions works and how it help the community, please take the  time to see them and prepare to be surprised with joy:



A newer video , ( Turn on the English Captions)

The same video on Facebook with burned in subtitles


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