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Hola! Hi Im Alberto


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Hi..my name is Alberto Oyarvide and Im from Mexico....Karyn invited me over here to contribuite to the Chico Xavier forum as Im constantly posting info about him in the Víctor zammit facebook groups...

I have a youtube channel where I upload videos about Chico and others spiritual matters...

I want to help the world to know about this man that always put others over himself helping millons of persons during his life..

Hes a living example of love the neighbor without expecting nothing in return...so much that his mediumnisitic abilities,which he had almost all the abilities, pale in comparision to his life of service

Sorry for any typos hehe I hope you dont find this too corny



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2 hours ago, Fernando Luis Cacciola Carballal said:

Hi Alberto,

I only new of Chico tangentially, but I've recently seen some post that Karyn re-posted here and it is impressive. My wife and I recently watched the movie Astral City (thanks to a post from Karyn here) and we totally loved it.


HI Fernando!  I first knew about Chico thanks to the Victor Zammit book, then I watched the video I posted in the other thread were says that his letters with the dead´s signature and calligraphy were studied 14 years by a graphologist and he came to the conclusion that it were real, plus he donating everything he earned to the poor and seeing in the Astral city all the references I have researched about the afterlife, it really blew me away..

The more I studied his way of life and moral values, the more I was convinced he was a very advanced spirit as few in the world has seen, and which I only know a few persons that can match his love to their fellow men being the medium Divaldo Pereira one of them, I also admire him  a lot, he feeds over 5,000 persons a day among many other things....



2 hours ago, Fernando Luis Cacciola Carballal said:





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I first knew about Chico when, in the late 90s, a spiritist friend told me about his Astral City book. I didn't had time to read the book but then, but both the book and Chico got sort of placed in special spot on the back of my mind.
So when I saw his work being posted here, I knew this time around I had to seriously look into it. And now that I did, I TOTALLY agree with what you said about him!

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