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Medium chico xavier TV report (English subtitles) circa 1992

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Tv report about the Brazilian medium Chico Xavier circa 1992

Some facts about Chico Xavier:

On 1933 and during many years he psycographed(automatic writing from the spirits) from 5 pm to 4 am everyday

On 1973 the royalties of his books were 30 000 cruzeiros (the brazilian currency at that time) each month, but he donated everything, he survived only with his 386 monthly cruzeiros from his retirement pension.

In 3 different times his Psycographed messages were accepted in court as proof on 1979,1982, and 1985 respectively.

Chico received messages on english,italian and arabic, on backwards which had to be readed in a mirror and he wrote form right to left.

In 1980 it where 10 000 the psycographed letters he have done free of charge(he never took a pay) to persons who have lost a family member, because of this his house was always full and he only slept only 4 hours a day.

He was nominated to the The Nobel Peace Prize on 1980 and 1981, as a side note when the Mother Teresa won she has 28 assistencial centers, Chico had over 2,500 back then.

In almost all the cities of brazil there is some kind of assistencial work supported by Chico Xavier , including those belonging to many religions that constanly attacked him.

He paid over 10 000 births

n 1992, a armed man entered his home and threatened to kill him, the man was arrested but it was set free the next day due to Chico petition who said that it where the bad spirits who where controlling him, he even bought him the bus ticket back to home.

in 2002 he was elected citizen of the century of Mineas Gerais.

He had over 60 honorary citizenship titles

He never accepted the money made from his books sales.His work consisting of 412 books sold over 25 milllons units.

He was elected by popular choice as the biggest brazilian in History in 2006 by the magazine Época

Was also elected the biggest brazilian of all times on 2012 by popular vote on TV.

Currently the money his books make support over 4,000 assistencial centers in the country(hospitals,retirement homes,soup kitchens,etc).
the sales are estimated on 2 millon dollars anually.

He was cruelly attacked by the church and the society but he never answered back.

He was studied by scientists and doctors ,one study showed the area of his brain active during mediumship activity was the same area as person with an epilepsy havong a seizure.

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