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Dear members,

I am currently in negotiations with several physical mediums to have information available to you in this area. It is a susceptible area, as many mediums have strong feelings towards other mediums. Almost all who have at one time or another been cause for concern about the integrity of their work, so I tend to look at them over time if they are alive and practising. 

We all make mistakes some atone and move on, and some continue without concern. I have a standard that I stick by. I will not judge nor comment (personal) on a medium unless I have attended at least three sittings.

One must remember that the famous Helen Duncan, who was persecuted to death for her genuine mediumship. All because what she was doing was not in the average persons' ability to understand, and certainly not in the raiding police officers abilities to understand the nature of ectoplasm. Their behaviour ultimately cost her, her life.

So I shall continue to negotiate with mediums to bring life to this area.

Perhaps those with interest in this area may help by sharing books of mediums past.

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1214349580_ThePrintedBooksFront-Cover-20190101.thumb.jpg.c1ee1edc4e47e6a230c38c0dc8e30045.jpgHi Karyn

I have 10 E-books (All printed ones have all gone) of the transcripts of the recordings I have as sitting as a distant sitter in the home circle of

The Inner Circle of Spirit Radiance.

The medium was Douglas Osborne and his wife is Lynelle (Nell) Osborne. Douglas passed into the spirit world in September 2019.

A few of the books are lots of personal messages received to me from my wife, other family members and some old friends and work friends.

I also did some transcript work back in 2011/12 of the recordings of Medium Tom Morris who'e main guide was John Campbell Sloan.

They are from seances in their travel to Australia, New York, UK and their home in France.

I just put them all together into a book form, it has not yet been published as it is just a rough copy. 

It is nice to know that the 10 books I put together are all in British libraries along with copies in E-Book form. There for all time and hope never lost.

We were always being informed by one of the spirit team Peter Annett. "The Written Word Endures"

The Printed Books Front-Cover-20190101.jpg


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Hello Tom, I had heard that Douglas had transitioned rather suddenly I gather.  His wife Nell is still keeping the facebook page going  although to be honest I have not caught up.  I trust you are well, and I believe you have had a mildish winter this year.

Thank you for posting up all of your resources.



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