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Voice transformation of a reverse speech audio source

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Here is a long evp voice transformation I obtained using reverse Latvian as a sound source. It played from one voice recorder, and was recorded by another recorder nearby. The evp voice has the same baltic accent of the source file.
Both recorders were enclosed within a closed desk drawer at the time. The recorders were old models (Sony ICD-B100 and ICD-B300). Old models such as these are remarkably good at evp.

If_it_works_out_then_I_give_them_answers_a_diagram_may_help_the_meaning_please_have_patience_Jeff_we_stand_up_then well_close.mp3

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I love those simple setups. Very cool!

I listened to the sample and heard a mix of german and english words. Some don't make sense to me.

  • "Ist laut" -》"It's  loud"
  • "Ingrid gibt ne nahe Zess" -》 "Ingrid gives a near Zess" (?)
  • "Contact on we do"
  • "Non higgedeen" (?)
  • "Sweet heard..."
  • "Hört" -》 "Listening "
  • "Viel Strahler" -》"Lots of radiators"
  • "Dann wurd größ.." -》 "Then it became bigger" (?)
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Hi Karyn, I think Latvian has some gutteral sounds that are similar to German, but I think thats where the similarity ends, but I'm no language expert.

Latvian is a good language to use, as it has no words that Ive heard that could be interpreted as close to english, and when reversed is even more enigmatic. It was the language used by a UK evp group, who also used it in reverse for getting voices. I get my samples from an internet radio news station, and then reverse them.

That sample I posted was the third attempt at playing and recording from the same sample. The third time, that content was on the recording.


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