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Modern Day Spiritual Photography by Peggy Weber

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I wonder whether anyone else is interested in this paranormal area and can look into spiritual photographic images. Interested in drilling down in to more details of those taken by my wonderful Mother Peggy Weber, who takes incredible images including faces, animals, religious, nature spirits.
Mum has written a book called

My Magic Lights (listed with yourselves under idigital medium).


I just feelI am not doing justice today Mum’s stunning spiritual images. 

Many thanks

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I am quite interested in this area, and I know a few of us here are, Patricia. Equally, there are probably a few who do not know of this fascinating field. Thank you for bringing such vital information to us all. If you have the image metadata please also advise? If you know the conditions the photos taken by your mother, e.g. rainy day), it would also be invaluable for others' learning?


I would be interested in seeing some of her better photographs, perhaps for a start could you put a photo of her book up and the ISBN so that it is easier for people to obtain if they desire.


I became fascinated by this area from my evidential study of orbs (not the new age rubbish thal lacks scientific rigour ), and then onto spiritual art. I left my last trip to the USA without going to Lilydale and seeing the Bang Sisters' works, who did precipitative portraits. Ran out of money and lol arrived back in Australia kicking myself for not going into a little debt to detour. One cannot foresee the future (that one being me), and I was not to know then that it was my last trip to the US.


In case you have not known of these sisters a book by N Riley Heagerty "Portraits from Beyond. The Mediumship of the Bangs Sisters" is available. They are beyond exquisite, and the eyes of each are memorising.


Yes, modern cameras with fast processors are an excellent tool. I have quite a few spirit pictures now. I am blessed to have had caught by accident an entity between the computer and myself as well. Of course, the entity interestingly had different effects on myself and the person I was talking within zoom.

I should think that if you want to post up a couple, then in the forum under Visual - Photography Anomalies would be a great idea with a little blurb as to how the photo came about.  Thank you for sharing, Patricia. 



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