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What’s Here, What’s Now, What’s Popular….

The focus of this site is life after death and ITC (instrumental transcommunication), the use of technology to get in touch with the worlds of spirit.

This homepage contains a somewhat organized index of nearly all of the articles posted on the site. Recent posts are listed in the right-hand frame (not accessible on some mobile devices), and links to some of the more popular and/or fascinating articles are highlighted below in boldface underline.

At the end of some articles (those that are part of a series) you’ll find a list of links to other articles of that particular series.


ITC Gems


Glimpses of the spirit worlds (third level) through the TV of ITC researchers Maggy and Jules Harsch-Fischbach of Luxembourg (circa 1987).

Reading this extensive series gives you (arguably) the best understanding possible of our multidimensional / spiritual nature and what happens to us after we die. The articles are chock full of wisdom delivered through the equipment of ITC researchers here on Earth… mostly from “The Seven” ethereals who introduced themselves to us (INIT… International Network for Instrumental Transcommunication) as “gatekeepers” between Earth and the spirit worlds. The information came through faxes, phones, radios, computers… from spiritual realms virtually unfiltered, offering the cleanest possible glimpse into the Beyond. (Gem #13 is a good place to start exploring this series of articles.)

Note: I’m confident that the information in this collection of articles is highly reliable, as it came through INIT’s stable ITC system before the year 2000.

1 How we affect the spirit worlds       2 Reliable look in-beyond      3 Phone chat with an invisible friend      4 Murdered child is found and healed      5 How thoughts create reality      6 Strangeness of material reality      7 More about Planet Varid      8 Reincarnation from ethereal eyes      9 Convincing a skeptical public      10 How some people reincarnate      11 The end of reincarnation      12 Friedrich Juergenson makes contact      13 How the Luxembourg miracle began      14 How humans,  spirits,  and angels see God      15 The nature of spirit      16 Life on the other side      17 Avoiding dark forces in spirit work     18 How angel pictures are delivered to Earth      19 More afterlife descriptions      20 Timestream and othe spirit groups      21 Time and space in the astral realm      22 How things work in ITC      23 Power of thought      24 Reliable facts about the afterlife      25 Ethereal beings 1      26 Ethereal beings 2      27 Technical  ITC      28 Transimages      29 More transimages      30 Technical ITC: Transvideo   31 Technical ITC conclusions      32 The second epoch      33 Parallel worlds and shadow worlds      34 Medicine and the human spirit       35 Atlantis (Science may be closing in)      36 Humans came from Eden      37 Secrets of life and afterlife      38 Perspective from Beyond    39 Inside story of the afterlife    40 More about the early Luxembourg experiments


Worlds Within Worlds Within Worlds

This series of articles tries to “tie it altogether”… politics, economics, society, science, history, spirituality, afterlife, parallel universes, the omniverse, angels, ghosts, demons, God…. The series will be posted on both websites. The articles posted on noblesavageworld will remain unchanged. They’ll always be the original version of each article. The articles posted here on macyafterlife will be polished and fine-tuned in the coming years.

[Note: The information in this series of articles is based on (what I consider to be) a few basic truths, supported by ideas from science, religion, myth, solid physical evidence like megaliths and ancient carvings, and other sources.]

00 Introduction.
01 Our connection to the source.
02 Where the body meets the spirit.
03 Things to do in the afterlife.
04 Ancient human timeline.
05 Rise and fall of an epoch.
06 Growing up in the Second Epoch.
07 A little formula that pulls everything together.
08 The creation of heaven and hell.
09 Welcoming the life force.
10 Managing life (part 1).
11 Managing life (part 2).
12 How life-energy powers ITC.
13. Portals.
14. Fearless.
15. Science preps for a quantum leap.
16. Timeless principles of religion.
17. End time in perspective.
18. Peace and joy in a brutal world.
19. Spirit contacts and the public.
20. Good and evil in a nutshell.
21. Spirit and money.
22. It’s between you and God.
23. Light and dark levels of reality.
24. How life-energy works and feels.
25. Energy healing and spiritual healing.
26. ITC spirit collaborators.
27. What are dreams?
28. What are emotions?
29. What is wealth… abundance?
30. What is symbiosis?
31. What’s happiness (4 words)?
32. What are morals, ethics, and laws?
33. Why all the divisiveness?
34. Sex, Romance, Relationships.
35. Extraterrestrials and “The Project”.


ITC Tips

After a quarter-century of ITC research, I’m pulling together some of the main principles and basic considerations that might provide some ideas for people getting involved in ITC (and other spirit-related activities).

1: Keep It Clean       2: Spiritual Research or Paranormal Research?
3: Find a Predisposition for ITC       4: What Sort of Spirits To Expect    –
Three prerequisites for an ITC bridge    –  Pay attention to dreams  –


Life on the other side     (…the spirit realms)


Two lifetime pictures of Jules Verne (left) compared to a picture of him in his spirit body (right).

Vivid descriptions of the afterlife from those who live there.

(Note: most of the information in this collection of articles is derived from ITC contacts that I consider to be accurate and reliable.)

Life on the mid-astral planes  –  Reliable look in-beyond  –  Fantastic arrivals into the worlds of spirit    –  Strangeness of material reality  –  More about Planet Varid  –   Reincarnation from ethereal eyes  –  Convincing a skeptical public  –  How some people reincarnate  –  The end of reincarnation  –  Life on the other side  –  More afterlife descriptions  –  Timestream and othe spirit groups  –  Transimages  –  More transimages  –  Transvideo  –  Perspective from Beyond  –  The afterlife of Jules Verne  –  The afterlife of Sir Richard Francis Burton  –  The afterlife of Arthur Moos  –  ITC or magic or God… what spiritual path is for me  –  Why the similarities to PJ Farmer’s Riverworld Books?   –  Illusion of time as experienced in-beyond   –  Native American spirit communities  –  Afterlife update 2018  –

Special series on the subject

Maggy’s father crosses over…  (the afterlife experiences of Albert Fischbach)
… then reports from inside Timestream   –
… then meets an Ice Age man at the big, white house…  –
and explores the spirit worlds with Richard Francis Burton….

Dark Afterlife Adventures – summary of a classic, century-old book, Wanderer In the Spirit Land, by Franchezzo, with commentary. This series offers vivid descriptions of the dark or negative spirit realms around the Earth… a subject that is mostly avoided in the ITC contacts explored on this site. So, if you want to know about “hell,” this is a good place to start.
(Note: The information in this series of articles isn’t substantiated by ITC contacts but it explores important afterlife subjects that our ITC contacts avoided, so readers might want to consider these articles to be more speculative than the ITC results described elsewhere on this site. Franchezzo’s information feels pretty credible to me, but readers should decide if it resonates with them.)

…1    Lost in the dark (chapters 1-5).
…2    Serving the Brotherhood (chapters 6-9).
…3    Struggling out of darkness into light (chapters 10-14).
…4    Preparing for rescue work (chapters 15-17).
…5    Rescue mission to hell (chapters 18-21).
…6    More hell (chapters 22-24).
…7    Old generals never die (chapters 25-26).
…8    Weary homecoming (chapter 27).
…9    Free at last (chapters 28-31).
..10   Journey’s end at the threshold to heaven (Chapters 32-34).
..11    Review and analysis of the book.


The Coming Golden Age of ITC


The Saturday Evening Post advertised a spirit communicator based on the work of Tom Edison around the end of the first World War, when seances and Ouija boards were all the rage.

1) How it could unfold… resonance
2) What can go wrong… human shortcomings
3) Preparing for it… reawakening
4) The next big breakthrough
5) ITC and the End Time
6) Dawn of a new science, courtesy of ITC

Related articles:
–  An ITC group doesn’t have to be expensive
–  An ITC group today could accommodate many languages
–  A ‘we’re all doing the best we can‘ attitude
–   Three technologies that make the Golden Age of ITC possible
–  A new website for ITC groups
–  If this blog were part of an ITC group…


What ITC Groups  Could Learn From Others

Getting a better understanding of the other-worldly principles that apply to ITC groups by comparing them to more familiar, worldly groups.

1) Introduction          2) Prologue       3) Saturday Night Live (TV comedy revue)
4) The United Nations         5) Spy agencies.       6) Disney.         7) Religions
8) The Ancients…    ancient intelligence…    Edenites 4B years ago…   ancient nukes
9) The INIT experience…   mission…    personalities…    management…    funding


Robert Muller (UN Assistant Secretary-General), Juliet Hollister (Temple of Understanding founder), and the Dalai Lama. (photo courtesy of Alison van Dyk and Peter Ledermann)


Bridge Building


The public and private sites (links to the left) provide a template for developing a resonant group.

This series explores some of the specific tools and techniques that an ITC group could use to sustain resonance or harmony, which is probably the most important component or quality of an ITC bridge. These articles are being developed in conjunction with my worlditcnet website template for ITC groups (both the public site and the private site). Between the two (this series and the worlditcnet sites), and with the help of readers of this site, I’m trying to determine what will really work to establish exceptional ITC portals between this world and competent spirit groups at the third level, or mid-astral realm. The series is called “resonance experiments,” and the actual experimenting unfolds in the comments section after each article.

  1. Blogs and chatrooms  –   2. An afterlife map or model  –
    3. Three Prequisites for an ITC Bridge   –   4. Clear Mission Statement  –


The Human Story


This series tells the amazing story of our ancient heritage and paradise destiny, as explained to us by ethereal beings who’ve followed our world through innumerable eons, offering guidance and protection to humanity. From our extraterrestrial roots to our multidimensional future, these articles tell how we humans came to be the noble-savage creatures we are today. (Chapter 13 of this series seems to get special attention for some reason; it’s about Thoth, one of the superhumans of old Atlantis.) This series was polished up to become my ebook, The Noble-Savage Project. Not much in the book that’s not in the series, other than a more polished, cohesive story.

1 – From the Source of All-That-Is     2 – Physical Life and Spiritual Life
3 – An Ancient Timeline    4 – The Edenites and Their Descendants
5 – The Seven Ethereals     6 – The Afterlife Eden
7 – Afterlife of Jules Verne     8 – Afterlife of Arthur Moos
9 – Afterlife of Sir Richard F Burton     10 – Afterlife of Anne Guigné
11 – Afterlife Wrap-Up     12 – Atlantis and the First Epoch
13 – Thoth the Atlantean
14 – Modern Civilization Sprouted from Ancient Pyramids
15 – Hands that Caress and Strangle the World
16 – End of Story, End of Times

Related articles:
Our cataclysmic beginnings and their impact on modern living   —
Asteroids pummeled Earth for 2 billion years   —
Mysteries of Eden    —
Mysteries solved!     —
As disasters worsen, what’s preventable, what’s not?…  —
Our ancient human timeline (Worlds Within Worlds, part 4) 

Unanswered questions and best guesses (first in a series of articles)   —
1.  How did life on Earth survive the ancient cataclysm?   —
2.   Lives destroyed, lives preserved during the fall of Eden   —
3.   How an ITC bridge really works   —
4.   Why ITC bridges closed down around the year 2000  —
5.   Why INIT’s ITC bridge was to astral Eden, not astral Earth  —
6.   Why ‘the veil’ opens and closes  —
7.   Where the Edenites came from, before Eden  —
8.   Why Eden has three suns  —
9.   How parallel universes correlate with spirit realms  —
10. Who gets future ITC bridges  —
11. Do asteroids have spirit bodies  —


Humanity as Seen Through Ethereal Eyes


Nsitden, one of The Seven ethereals or superhumans who regulate the ITC bridge.

Analysis of a 1996 ITC contact via telephone… what might be the most dramatic and important message ever received on our planet from beyond, more dramatic even than the “handwriting on the wall” incident in ancient Babylon, and of greater depth than the messages received through the Ark of the Covenant in Biblical times. It’s a message from “The Seven” ethereals, or “Rainbow People.”

Part 1   –    Part 2   –    Part 3


How did “The Seven” Ethereals Influence Human History?


The seven (from top left)… Chakras, Rishis, Matrikas, Archangels and Churches of Asia, and Hathors.

Speculation on how the seven ethereal “gatekeepers” who managed the afterlife bridge for INIT (1995-2000) might well have been monitoring and guiding humanity’s development since ancient times.

1) Lots of 7s down through the ages
2) The 7 Hathors of Ancient Egypt
3) 7s of Judeo-Christianity: Archangels, lamps of fire, churches of Asia…
4) 7s of the Far East: Rishis, Matrikas, Divine Women, chakras…
5) The 7 Rays
6)  7 heavens 


Way of the Shaman


These articles are about those individuals who have certain qualities that let them serve as a living bridge or conduit between the material and spiritual worlds… and have attracted a spirit team to get useful results in healing, spirit photography, and other pursuits.

1) Bridging Heaven and Earth
2) The Adventures of George Meek and Bill O’Neil
3) Northern Miracles
4) Into the Dark
5) Spiritual Coherence, Trauma, and Shamanism
6) The Shaman Carly


Faces in the Mist


Here I am (left) with my late dad (right)….

These articles take a close look at the strange Polaroid pictures I took over the years, capturing the clear faces of spirits superimposed over the faces of the human subjects. It involved a special technique and technology, as explained in the series. Chapter 2 has some especially good examples of the spirit faces.
1. Colorado Springs
2. New York
3. Amazement in the basement
4. Deafening silence
5. Visits from beyond
6. Afterword about fear


Crossed dimensions


A close study of Carly’s photos often reveals surprise visitors among us, invisible to the naked eye.

A proposed worldwide network to give Planet Earth a spiritual spring-cleaning, consisting of three tiers of participants: 1) gifted, sensitive men and women like Carly who work in a very direct and personal way with spirit entities near the Earth in vibration, 2) meditators working alone or in teams to stream light into the network, and 3) a small inner team to coordinate things. (This “spring-cleaning-the-world” project became far more daunting than I’d expected… and is currently hold.)

1) The veil opens for Carly –     2) Let’s build an ITC bridge 
3) It’s a gift and a curse –       4) Serving on the front line of spirit work 
5) Spreading light –       6) Origins of darkness 
7) The three-tiered network –       8) Aliens among us 
9) Let’s meditate –       10) Is this the flu, or is a portal opening?


In Your Dreams


Heaven and Hell as depicted on a mural in Vank Cathedral (Isfahan, Iran)

This interesting collection of articles explores dreams… our nightly excursions into the spirit realms. While our conscious mind and physical body are asleep, our astral mind and body are off enjoying various adventures, a glimpse of which we often recall if we awaken right after the dream. As the conscious mind kicks in, the dream fades away into our astral (subconscious) memories. But if we can relax our mind back into a dream or “alpha” state without falling back asleep, many of the dream’s details will return.

The true meaning of dreams   –   Why Hell is depicted down below   –
Life-swapping: The amazing story and prophecies of Paul Dienach   –
Time-hopping: The amazing story of Ken Webster  –
Packing light for the final journey  –   Sleep paralysis / night terrors   –
Last lucid moment before death   –   Are dreams more memorable as we age?  –
Dreams can determine coherence of an ITC contact field  –


Politics and the Human Spirit


These articles look at politics from the perspectives of leading thinkers from around the world… and beyond. We examine the world around us, the world inside us, and the worlds in-beyond of us… that is, the realms of spirit superimposed over our material world in other dimensions. (A larger collection of political articles can be found on my counterpart website, Noble Savage World.)

Politics & the human spirit   –   Spirit of Society    –  The carnal line between noble and savage   –  Embrace the divine; it’s where we shine   –  Human spirituality and politics   –   Capital punishment & the human spirit    –  Inappropriate behavior or inappropriate world?   –


What I Learned from ITC


George Meek, father of ITC… my mentor.

Several articles on what ITC research taught me.

1 Being sensitive in a harsh world   –   2 Controlling emotions    –   3 Leaving the family of man    –   4 How spirits navigate time and space    –   5 Hardships heighten the human experience    –   6 To establish a bridge    –   7 The illusion of time    –   8 Life on the mid-astral plane, or third level    –  What I learned from ITC about being human   –  Will I continue ITC research after I die?   –


Science and the Human Spirit


A recent space.com article analyzed pictures of ruts and grooves behind some of the Mars rocks, suggesting the rocks had slid downhill recently, maybe as a result of a marsquake. (Credit: NASA/HiRISE image)

Several articles about modern science and the challenges it faces in trying to reconcile spiritual reality through its neo-Newtonian worldview. (A larger collection of science articles can be found on my counterpart website, Noble Savage World.)

Measuring maya  —  Foreign-accent syndrome  —  Science Will Soon Explore Beyond Duality —  Asteroids pummeled Earth for 2 billion years  —  Exoplanets and the prospect we’re not alone!  —  Mysteries of Eden  —  Combat killing and the human spirit  —  Aurora theater tragedy  —  News in perspective  —  A life and afterlife debate    —   Pseudoscience and pseudo-reality  —    Learning from the ancients  —   Modern day epicycles   —   More modern epicycles: science and NDEs  —  Global warming and shifting poles   —  Hollow Earth theory   —   Our cataclysmic beginnings   —


Into the Lighter Side (humor)

1 Undeniable proof of heaven   –   2. Only the good get summoned   –   3. Two Todds   –
4. Tracing the family of man   –   5. Provocative shorts   –


Health and Well-Being


Personal development… physical, emotional, and spiritual growth… including articles on:

Meditation & Prayer:
Heart meditation    –  
Meditation; ticket to paradise   –
Prayer; another ticket   –
Tapping on Heaven’s door   –
Concentrate, Contemplate, Meditate (Sai Baba)   –  How to pray, and why  –  Two nice mantras  –  

Physical Exercise:
Some great exercises   –
Mantric exercises

Spiritual Growth:
Cleansing the cluttered mind   –   Embrace the divine; it’s where we shine   –
Go to the light   –   Healing and the human spirit   –
Love and good will… but what about trust?   –
The carnal line between noble and savage   –   An apology can lift the spirit   –  Releasing meddlesome spirits  –
Go with God, take your bike, don’t hit a bus, but if you do, go with God  –
Should humanity really know about the afterlife?  –
Nonspiritual people can find a spiritual path   –
What do you want to be when you die?   –   Dear, not fear: Sai Baba  –
Purpose of a lifetime  –  Reincarnation and the tree of life  –

Are you an extrovert or an introvert?   –   Know Heaven   –   Know thyself  –

Addiction & Mental Illness:
Nonfunctioning alcoholism   –  From Darkness to Light with 10 Easy Words  –
Addiction   –   Mental illness: barriers lost   –   Sleep paralysis   –
Addiction and spiritual blinders

Medicine and the human spirit   –   Understanding the heart   –
Last lucid moments before death  –

Other Subjects:
What shapes children the most as they grow up?   –
Blowing away emotional blocks with breathwork   –
Troubled spirits: fight ’em and join ’em… or rise above   –


My 45-Minute Video About ITC and the Afterlife

I stopped giving seminars and presentations years ago because I wasn’t very good at public speaking. Then I realized I could put together everything I’ve learned about the afterlife into a nice powerpoint presentation that could be played at conferences. This one (above) is the most recent one, presented in Montreal in 2018, for IIIHS.


Nice Afterlife Songs     (…youtube)

Not Just In Your Dreams / The Other Side   –
See / Glory of the Host    –


Afterlife Films

Movies, TV shows, and reviews of movies about the afterlife.

Nosso Lar (Our Home)   –   Chico Xavier   –   Calling Earth   –
The Afterlife Investigations   –   Life After Death Project   –
Twilight, Camille, and Coraline   –
TV shows about Luxembourg and German ITC (1980)  –


Paranormal Video Clips from Europe –    (…youtube)

Eight amazing images delivered by spirit groups to the TV sets of ITC researchers in the 1980s…


News Summaries

Periodic roundups of national and international news, put into perspective of our spiritual and noble-savage heritage.


If you have trouble finding an article from this index, you might try the search window near the top of this page (or any other page on the site).

Mark Macy



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